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The Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui directed, Dior Cheng Yi Kin and Chrissie Chau Sau Na starred film BREAK UP 100 (FUN SAU 100 CHI) will soon open. In the film Ekin and Sister Na played a couple that has been living together for years and had many intimate scenes. Sister Na said that when she saw Ekin's six pack abdominal muscles, she was drooling all over herself. Ekin even was ordered to watch Sister Na change. He was not at liberty to discuss her figure, but he revealed that when the director and the cinematographer saw her body they became very active.

This was Ekin and Sister Na's first collaboration. How did they add to their chemistry? Ekin admitted that they communicate with their eyes. At the same time they first shot their home scenes and happy scenes for them to be more familiar. He also said, "After working together we realize the all of our chemistry was great, had a lot of spark, and felt very real." He said, earlier when he read Sister Na's interview, he felt that she was an actress. After working together she was better than he has imagined because filmmaking required both parties to be focused. Sister Na was very willing to try.

As for their intimate scene, Sister Na joked, "We had many intimate scenes, and we had to shot them on the first day at work. I felt I got the better end of the deal. (Were you drooling?) I drooled all over myself, because the second night was a bathing scene." Ekin said, "Intimate scenes were added bonuses, I even saw her changing pants." Sister Na joked that she saw Ekin's six pack abdominal muscles. How did Ekin feel about Sister Na's figure? He joked, "I am not at liberty to discuss that, I only know that the cinematographer and the director were very practical. However, this was a normal response. (was Sister Na's figure great?) I feel she is a great person, her voice is very sexy. She should be singing, but it would depend if the music scene would welcome her." Sister Na said that singing required professionalism. For now she has not have such a plan, she could only do it for fun.

Aside from sweet couple scenes, the film of course also had couple fight scenes. Ekin made fun of Sister Na, "She often said that she wouldn't fight, but during the shoot her vicious index was very high. She could talk back to make me mad." Sister Na said that this was because Ekin acted too well and she was very into it.

Because during the shoot Sister Na was not in a relationship, did she release her personal emotions? She denied that, "No, in the film I was completely attracted to Ekin's character. I didn't think about anyone else, at the time I only loved him and couldn't help myself." Ekin jokingly asked if she did not wear her contact lenses so she did not see clearly. Speaking of Ekin's absence from earlier promotions, he joked that he was acting like a big shot. "Goddess first, I only cooperated by arriving later." Sister Na praised that he was very cooperative because he upset her both on and off screen.

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