Tuesday, July 15, 2014


When asked if she has forgiven her husband, Lee Sinjie smiled in response while holding her husband's arm even tighter
They take a taxi back to the hotel
courtesy of mingpao.com

Last night 8PM Oxide Pang Shun was spotted at Ocean Terminal. He went to a cosmetic counter alone, seemingly wanting to buy skincare product for his wife but was unable to. Actually Angelica Lee Sinjie was waiting for her husband far away by the railing. She looked fragile but in decent spirit. They held hands in the shopping center. First they visited sporting goods store. When Pang Shun went to the restroom, Lee Sinjie was used to waiting for him. Then they went to the bakery for bread. Pang Shun carried several bags with one hand and his wife with the other. Some pedestrians recognized Pang Shun. Some stared and some housewives did not hold back as they loudly say, "Man Slut!" They did not seem affected. Sinjie happily left the shopping center with Pang Shun to the taxi stand.

Lee Sinjie was surprised to see reporters and immediately retreated next to Pang Shun. They knew that they could not avoid the camera so they took wider strides. She did not respond to reporters' questions. In the end Lee Sinjie was asked if she has forgiven her husband. She smiled as a response. When they went to the taxi stand they still caught attention. Pang Shun said with some frustration, "That's enough! We are taking a taxi, there are so many people!" They went to wait for a taxi and then leave for the hotel. When they left, Lee Sinjie and Pang Shun were still holding hands. When they went to the lobby they even swung their arms happily like children.

Lee Sinjie this time returned to Hong Kong for the HKTV online series FUNG WON. Reportedly Ricky Wong offered her HK$160,000 per episode. Today she will attend a costume fitting for the show.

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