Friday, July 25, 2014


Janice Man with rumored boyfriend Harris Chan
Leon Lai's smiling advice shatters any dispute rumor
Melvin Wong and son Wesley Wong
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Janice Man
Rumored boyfriend Nicholas Tse tells JM to make more good movies
Former boss Leon Lai gives JM a golden quote and tells her to keep working hard
Candy Yu and Janice Man's mother give kisses
Paco Wong presents a pearl necklace to Janice Man
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Janice Man Wing Shan yesterday officially joined Sun Entertainment and held a contract signing ceremony at the Peninsula Hotel. She was dressed in red like a soon to be bride. Aside from her real and fake Mommy Shirley and Candy Yu On On who were in attendance, the company also presented her with the "Best of the Best" pearl necklace. Her former boss Leon Lai Ming also sent a video to cheer her on, as well Best Actors Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Francis Ng Chun Yu, Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, her rumored boyfriend Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Julian Cheung Chi Lam and Louis Koo Tin Lok. She was so moved that she choked up.

Janice Man and new company executive Paco Wong placed their hands on an electronic screen to represent their signatures. Later several Best Actors and elders' videos of congratulation were shown. Former boss Leon's video was saved for the end. He said, "Everyone has a new page, JM work hard, let's go! I am going to work!" After watching Leon's video, JM got choked. "I never thought that Leon would make a video, I thank him very much for cultivating me for so long. What a great quote 'everyone has a new page'. I thank Paco for his support, joining Sun Entertainment is my life's turning point. I will work hard, I hope that in the future my career will have even greater development, particularly in film." JM's on screen mother Yu On ON, elder Melvin Wong Kam Sun and son Wesley Wong Hoi Kit, Kam Kwok Leung and another JM's rumored boyfriend Harris Chan Pak Hei attended and congratulated her. Friends who were unable to attend sent floral arrangements.

Determined to develop in film, she revealed that she has been talking to directors about characters to see which ones would be suitable for her. She has already confirmed one film that will start production next year because this year she still has one more release with HELIOS (CHET DOH). Has the new company promised her a number of films? She only said that she had confidence in the company. Because the company has invested in many films, she should have a part. She said, "Starting today, I want to learn about and work in anything and everything. I expect that it won't be comfortable. (Will you sing?) I am not confident about singing, first I want to act well because I feel that I still have a lot of space for development in film. (Who would you like to work with?) Anyone, earlier I mostly worked with elders, I want to work with new comers too." Has the company promised to make her a lead actress and Best Actress? She did not directly reply, only saying that with the right script she will work. With her successful career, would having a boyfriend be even more perfect? She said that would happen naturally, she could not force anything with that. However she felt that as long as she was positive and had positive energy, the peach blossom would follow.

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