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Chrissie Chau hates men who drag out the break up
C AllStar's Andy Leung Chiu Fung, King Ng Sung Ming, Chan Kin On and Jase Ho Kin Hei jokingly call Sister Na mean
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Chrissie Chau Sau Na in the new film BREAK UP 100 (FUN SAU 100 CHI) was the lead actress. Earlier she and C AllStar talked about the production. Chrissie mercilessly complained about working with C AllStar as "unpleasant". "The first time I worked with them someone already told them I was very mean and they were afraid of me. (Who told them that?) It was in the film." At the same time a mysterious voice added, "You can tell." Chrissie immediately stared down C AllStar!

Sister Na's dominance kept the "naive" C AllStar in check. They refused to speak and pushed the responsibility back and forth. Finally Chan Kin On was sold out. "I mean that in the film you can tell." However Chrissie still found that unacceptable. "Don't pretend, I recognize the voice was you. Don't you think I would know after working on the film for two months with you?" Leung Chiu Fung could only urge his group mate to apologize.

Later Chrissie revealed her romantic history and admitted that she was in the "dumping clan", as she did the dumping with every break up! Chrissie even hated men who dragged out break up and found them unacceptable!

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