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"From the film BREAK UP 100 I learn about break up left over items, I believe many still hold on to gifts from their old flames."
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Because of BREAK UP 100 (FUN SAU 100 CHI), I learned a new term "Break Up Left Over". When a relationship ends, everything about it becomes "left over". Each person has a different attitude toward "left over". Some would immediately toss it out; some cannot stop taking it out everyday to mourn; some would quietly hide it. One day when they move and it is found, they cannot help but bring up those momentary memories. Since I belong to "letting go" type, I do not have too many romantic left over items. At most I only have some love letters that I have already forgotten where I put them. One day when they are found, I will tell you how I feel.

Friends tell me that they really like the "Break Up Mini Storage" concept and even feel that it can be a viable business concept. The most attractive part of the entire concept is "anonymous sharing", everyone can thoroughly observe other people's break up stories. They do not need to know the true identity of the main characters but can share in all the details and feelings of the entire story. They can also touch this real story that is solid to the bone. Users can look at their break up left over items as a visitor and at the same time share in other people's stories. They may get new inspirations that can be considered a type of soul therapy.

I also have a friend who used an alternative storage method to handle her break up left over items. One day, we all received her invitations to attend a Christmas party at her home. Anyone could bring alcohol and food to visit, the only condition was no Christmas present. After all the eating and drinking, she suddenly brought over a dozen or so well wrapped presents and said that they were our surprises. She said, "Since we are all good friends, please choose one. In the next year, if you have time let's meet for dinner. Then I will tell you the story about this present." Actually a year later, she would get married. She did not know how to handle these break up left over items. Finally she decided to give them to a group of good friends she has gone through every relationship with and spend a year to sum up her past romantic experience and welcome a new stage in life. When I got home, I opened up this "present" and it was actually a diamond ring! Her relationship story indeed was full of secrets......

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