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Sung Yu-Hua and Giddens Ko
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Taiwan writer Giddens Ko yesterday along with star Sung Yu-Hua promoted their new film CAFE. WAITING. ALONE. Song Yu-Hua at the event revealed that every time Giddens Ko got to the set and saw special guest star Vivian Chow Wai Man, he would not blink. Giddens Ko could not be more embarrassed.

Later Giddens Ko admitted that the he has liked Vivian since he was little. Her poster on his wall at home. He also took the chance to praise Sung Yu-Hua's acting and felt that she would have a chance to compete for the Golden Horse Best New Actor Award. He also said that before casting he was already certain that Sung Yu-Hua would play the female lead.

In addition, earlier he announced online that his other film KUNG FU would have to halt preparation. Giddens Ko explained, "March to May next year will have been scheduled anew. Because it will be a co-production, it will have to wait for Mainland approval first. Earlier when I made CAFE and YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE, we shot as we waited. Ultimately we have to follow the Mainland rules of the game. (Did you feel bothered?) Luckily the film was not suddenly halted in production, otherwise the loss would be enormous."

As for first time actress Sung Yu-Hua, she said that many people liked Giddens Ko's novels. Thus at first she felt stressed, but later the more she worked the happier she got. She hoped that the box office would be able to break NT$100 million and even surpass APPLE's box office.

Sung Yu-Hua continued, she was very honored to have worked with Vivian and praised that she was friendly and glad to take care of new comers. She also said, "I didn't feel any distance with her at all. When everyone was waiting for her on the set, they sang her songs. When I was little and came to Hong Kong, I saw her poster and asked Mama who that was. She was very pretty. I never imagined that now we can work together. I really am very happy."

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