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Louis Koo and Miriam Yeung like the five child actors very much
Goo Jai treats the children to ice cream
Philip Keung, Alannah Ong, Rain Lau, and Ng Yuen Yi

Louis Koo Tin Lok, Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Richard Ng Yiu Han and Stanley Fung Shui Fan yesterday along with producer Benny Chan Muk Sing and director Kwan Shun Fai attended their film NG GOR SIU HAI DIK HAU JEUNG (HEADMASTER OF FIVE CHILDREN)'s worship ceremony. Chin Wa even led the five child actors in a rendition of LITTLE SUN. Goo Jai gave the children sugar cones as rewards.

Chin Wa in the film played the lowest paid headmaster in all Hong Kong Lui Lai Hung, whose monthly salary was only HK$4,500. Yesterday's school set was constructed from an abandoned school. She praised the art team for a job well done and took their phone numbers. She joked that in the future they could help her son with his arts and crafts. Goo Jai joked that she would be "cheating". Chin Wa argued, "Can I ask where to get the material for a lantern?" She also felt that she was suitable to teach, because after the cameras stopped she continued to be the headmaster and took care of the child actors' needs. Chin Wa revealed that a child actor asked if she was a star, which she denied vehemently and said that she was a teacher. On the set the child actors were very mischievous. During preparation they would yell "action", with any bad takes, they would say, "Headmaster you had a bad take."

Would Chin Wa want to have another child soon? She said, "Let me think about it." She also said that she tried to teach her son with the material in the film, but he just ignored her. Chin Wa also planned to bring her son to play with the sisters at the celebration, but she believed that he definitely would be jealous.

Goo Jai said that this time the child actors were selected from over 400 children, then five assistant directors took care of the five child actors one on one. The crew was even more numerous than THE WHITE STORM (SO DUK) shoot. Yesterday he met the five child actors for the first time, but they picked on him as soon as they saw him. Goo Jai did not mind at all. When he saw a child actor dropped some ice cream, he immediately wiped it off for her with a tissue like a kind father.

Would he like to have children? Goo Jai immediately said, "Two different things." Chin Wa told him to treat it like a practice. Goo Jai said, "I practice all the time, because my relatives have a lot of children." Sammi Cheng Sau Man was originally rumored to play the headmaster role, but because she and Goo Jai were linked in rumors she was afraid of upsetting Andy Hui Chi On. Thus the team approached Chin Wa a month ago. Goo Jai denied the rumor. Chin Wa asked, "Really? Four months before the shoot Goo Jai already asked me."

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