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While on vacation in the U.S. Sandra Ng cannot wait to return to Hong Kong to learn about the box office
Ivana Wong and Sandra Ng attend an audience appreciation
Sandra Ng picks Ivana Wong for Best Actress next year
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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and Ivana Wong Yuen Chi two nights ago attended a 12 GOLDEN DUCKS (12 GUM NGAP) audience appreciation event in Kwun Tong. Kwan Yu went to the U.S. during the Lunar New Year and only returned to Hong Kong recently. Although she had jet lag, she was very concerned about the box office. She admitted that while in the U.S. for a week, she constantly worried about it and wanted to come back soon.

Kwan Yu and Yuen Chi this year were both nominated for the Hong Kong Film Awards. Kwan Yu was nominated for Best Actress with GOLDEN CHICKENSSS (GUM GAI SSS). This time Kwan Yu played a man in 12 GOLDEN DUCKS, would she be nominated for Best Actress or Best Actor next year? She said that she did not know. Originally she wanted to apply for Best Actor, but she thought that her character was a man. Would she apply for Best Actress for Ivana? She said that Ivana would win an award this year first, then next time she would make Ivana a Best Actress; she also joked that she had the abilities to make her into a star. Ivana immediately kissed up to her and said that she would depend on Kwan Yu for the rest of her life. When she heard about the support she felt more at ease. She joked that she was very heavy, she might not be able to fit into her old clothes. Ivana said that even the audience called her fat. Now she is working hard on getting into shape for the Hong Kong Film Awards. She joked that she planned to fast for seven weeks and hoped that she would succeed.

Kwan Yu instead was envious of Ivana's full figure and did not want her to "drop a cup size" after losing weight. She said that when she saw her bust she was stunned. Did Ivana's boyfriend appreciate her figure? She said that for now he did not mind. Kwan Yu said that no man liked the "washboard" (flat) figure and said that Peter Chan Ho Sun also liked full figure, but he also liked women with slim limbs. What kind of movie will she prepare for Ivana next year? She joked that it definitely will be the 12 KIRIN ARMS and she wanted to find someone for Ivana to knock over.

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