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With his son out of prison and his wife smiling again, Jackie Chan is all happy again!
Jackie Chan is making gestures as big as his emotions
Jackie Chan wants Jaycee Chan to start anew from behind the scene
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Jackie Chan sees how well Jaycee Chan has turned out after prison and jokingly tells him to go back every year
The super giant screening room can only several hundred viewers
The cinema has merchandise like the Jackie Chan Maotai liquor
The cinema's "dragon" character logo
DRAGON BLADE posters can be seen everywhere
The VIP cinema has recliner chairs
Jackie Chan earlier attended an audience appreciation event for DRAGON BLADE
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Jackie Chan earlier attended an appreciation event in Beijing for his new film DRAGON BLADE. Although the media asked about Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming), he would rather bow several times than to respond. However Jackie Chan finally opened up in an interview as he talked about Cho Ming's changes and their father and son relationships.

Jackie Chan recalled the day when Cho Ming regained his freedom when father and son reunited for the first time. "That day I was still very busy. I heard from colleagues at my company that my son was very nervous. When I went upstairs, they even dropped him a hint over the walkie talkie and told him 'Old Man is coming'. As soon as the door opened, I gave him a big hug. We didn't say anything, I saw that he was more afraid than me! Ah Giu (Joan Lin) smiled and said, 'Dinner time!' We didn't really talk at dinner, but the feeling was very warm. We haven't been like this in a very long time! Yet after awhile it got awkward, it's very hard to describe. So I told him to talk about the detention center conditions. He said that he was there with many people. It was very cold inside. He was in there for half a year but never complained once. He even said, 'Dad, now I have more experience than you. From now on if something happens you can ask me!' I noticed that Ah Giu kept looking at our expressions, serving us tea and dessert, and letting us father and son chat. She only smiled. That night we talked and talked, before we knew it the sun was rising."

After half a year in prison Cho Ming changed a lot. Jackie Chan praised him. "I feel that he has become more orderly, he used to be very lazy and not focused enough. Now I see him putting his shoes away very neat, and eating everything that his Ma cooks for him. He is even willing to clear the table and fold his clothes. Seeing him like this, I told him, 'Why don't you go back for half a year every year!' He said that how could he if he won't do anything? He jokingly told him to ask, since it was quiet in there and he could write songs! (Is the father and son relationship closer?) When we spoke before we very quickly got into a conflict, we could get into a conflict over television. Now we don't. I feel that he had a lot that he wanted to tell me, he also played songs for me, and said that he wanted to write scripts. (You didn't yell at him at all?) No! It's already a fact, all the yelling won't change that. He has already been punished, but he didn't dare to raise his head to look at me. He looked very guilty, but I instead am not used to Cho Ming like this."

Jackie Chan was already less "critical" than before. He was never willing to work with Cho Ming before. Now he thought it would not be a big deal. "Will Smith can stop working for half a year to help his son, I haven't cancelled my own persistence. He said that he wanted to participate in the CZ 12 sequel script, if it's right then he would! He isn't the Little Fong anymore, he has grown up and put me at ease. He is Big Fong now! I want to train him to be a director and behind the scene. Earlier he wrote a song called 'KILL'. He wrote the music and we wrote the lyrics together. He has quite a knack for composing, which shouldn't be wasted! I now can't ask for anything more, my son is good, my wife is happy, my life is smooth. If I ask for more I would get struck by lightning!"

To Jackie Chan, Cho Ming "gained something out of his loss". He said, "That day I really didn't know (about Cho Ming's arrest). I even thought that he was kidnapped or was already killed. Later when I found out instead I was more relaxed. A week after it happened, I kept thinking why would something like this happen to me? I couldn't contact him and I didn't ask anyone for help, because I didn't know what to say! (Did lawyer friends help you?) They only tried to cheer me up. I have always believed in the justice system, I didn't do anything for my son. Now my name has been cleared."

Jackie Chan has always given tough love to his family, both with his son Fong Cho Ming and his wife Lam Fung Giu. Since Cho Ming's trouble, he was busy at work while worrying about Cho Ming. He could not be more attentive to Ah Giu. He said, "After that happened Ah Giu stayed at home everyday, I was afraid that she would be depressed so I sent her messages everyday. I didn't expect that as soon as her son came back she was all well again. Now I am sending her the 8th photo and finally she replies, 'Oh!' That doesn't matter though, now she is willing to see her old friends. As soon as she is happy that's fine! I am very happy too."

Aside from film productions and performance, Big Brother even invested larger on his "Jackie Chan Cinemas". The group for now has opened 25 branches in many major Mainland cities and its growth has been rapid.

The Beijing flagship cinema since its 2010 opening has been on top for four years. In 2014 it reached the 100 million RMB revenue record. The cinema had 17 cinemas and 2 VIP cinemas. The biggest one had a 24 meter wide, 17 meter tall giant screen with several hundred seats, the best place to enjoy IMAX 3D film. As Big Brother's film base, the cinema used the Chinese character "Dragon" as its design. The cinema even used Big Brother's classic film posters for decoration. The recently released new film DRAGON BLADE's poster could be seen everywhere. The cinema even had merchandise with Big Brother's names like the "Jackie Chan Moutai wine" for many "Jackie fans" to collect.

The Jackie Chan, Adrien Brody, Choi Si-Won starred Lunar New Year 3D film DRAGON BLADE opened on the Lunar New Year's Day (February 19th) and already made over 100 million yuan RMB at the top of the Mainland box office. As of February 27, the new film has already accumulated 580 million RMB (around HK$ 718 million).

Aside from the strong cast, DRAGON also had many 3D and IMAX 3D versions. It was also the only IMAX 3D film during the Beijing Lunar New Year slot, which became a huge draw at the box office. No wonder it was able to attract many viewers.

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