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Golden Horse Best Actress nominees Vivian Sung, Sylvia Chang, Karena Lam and Zhao Tao meet in Busan
Karena Lam and Stone
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Karena Lam Ka Yun last year worked with May Day's Stone on the film ZINNIA FLOWER in Taiwan. Ka Yun even received a Golden Horse Best Actress nomination. The film will also participate in the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival.

Earlier Ka Yun was invited to attend the Busan Film Festival because ZINNIA FLOWER was invited to participate. Two nights ago she attended the Taiwan Night in Busan along with three fellow Golden Horse Best Actress nominees Sylvia Chang (Cheung Ngai Ga), Vivian Sung and Zhao Tao.

Ka Yun said that she has not been to Busan for ten years. Two days ago after she arrived she immediately attended the ZINNIA FLOWER screening and enjoy the film with the audience. She was very happy that viewers of different places could see this film and would have different reaction and experience, which was a lot of fun for her. An actor after finishing the film might not know what the viewers think, so this was a great experience.

Two nights ago on Taiwan Night, Ka Yun and the other three Golden Horse Best Actress nominees Cheung Ngai Ga, Vivian Sung and Zhao Tao ran into each other. She pointed out that all three were actresses she admired and she hoped to learn from them. On the trip Ka Yun and Stone accepted different media interviews. Yesterday they also went to try Korean cuisine soy sauce crab and octopus sashimi. However Ka Yun was allergic to crabs so she could only look and not eat. Later they went to pose for photos on the beach. Ka Yun happily jumped up and embraced Stone during the photo shoot. She said that she has not done an interview on the beach in years, so she felt especially comfortable.

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