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Wylie Chiu and Pakho Chau go from a comedy to an erotic movie
Amy K says that Chen Pui Kok's performance could serve as a lesson
Charlie Cho becomes the character that connects the two sides
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Pakho Chau, Wylie Chiu Shek Chi and Lulu Wang Lo Yiu six years ago starred in a comedy that recently has been "repackaged" with new stories. Still a new comer at the time, Pakho even played a hot woman. However the newly added parts added AD2 member Amy K's sex scene and turned Pakho and others into stars in the erotic film much to their dismay!

Amy K. starred in the film SUPER MODELS (SIK MO) recently has been heavily promoted with Amy's nude and sex scenes as selling points, but actually the film had Pakho Chau, Chiu Shek Chi, Wang Lo Yiu, Nat Chan Pak Cheung, JJ Jia and Law Kar Ying in its cast!

The stars in 2009 made the comedy NGOR YIU JO LANG MO (I WANT TO BE PSEDUO MODEL), but the film was never released. Playing a manager Shek Chi displayed her career line in one scene. Her on screen boyfriend Pakho even dressed as a woman. Reportedly Pakho as a new comer at the time only was paid around HK$ 100,000. He made many small budget films and even once talked about the pain and the joy of a female disguise. Six years later Pakho is no longer what he was.

Recently the film company repackaged the film added new actors like Amy, former Miss Asia candidate Chen Pui Kok and former ATV artist Kent Yeung Ching Kwan's daring sex scene. Then they merged the two films into SUPER MODELS. The Charlie Cho Cha Lei played dirty "pseudo model tycoon" connected the two stories. Although SUPER was only rated category IIB, the film made Pakho, Shek Chi and others into stars of an erotic film. Their photos were featured on the poster, right next to Amy's nude photo.

Pakho responded through his manager and said that no one informed them of the film arrangement, but helplessly said that they did not want to say more to prevent promoting for others. "As an actor he has done his best in his performance. What happens afterward is beyond his control. We can't find the person in charge back then, so we are not considering taking any action!"

Shek Chi said that she made a comedy back then, but now it added a lot of sex elements. "All I can do is laugh, at most I would watch my part. I never guess that real life is funnier than the story. Even the poster got my name wrong! Back then my management company took the film for me, now I can't really take any action. However I am optimistic, I am very happy to have worked with a group of elders." Lulu admitted, "It's regrettable that the previous film was not released, but now with some strange scene it is beyond brutal. (Will you take action?) Unfortunately I didn't keep the contract."

Amy said that the responsibility of an actor was to play every scene well. She had no opinion about the film company's arrangement. "In the film I had to be naked, which I have struggled over for a long time. I didn't pay attention to anything else. (The film turned into an erotic film? ) Actually the film has a lesson, in it girls are swindled due to their dreams of stardom. It wants to warn the audience to be careful of bad people."

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