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Li Bingbing may have missed out on the bouquet but she hangs out with Wang Sicong and Lin Gengxin
Li Bingbing gets a selfie with the groom and the bride
Ni Ni, Chris Lee, Vicki Zhao, Li Yapeng, Hu Jun, Dou Ching Tung
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Xiaoming establishes for Baby a charity to sponsor 527 disadvantaged children. Five of the hearing impaired children attend the wedding.

The carousel themed cake is over 2 meters tall
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Angelababy reveals that Huang Xiaoming does not close the bathroom door when he goes
Little S and Kevin Tsai have fun at the new couple's expense
Angelababy and Vicki Zhao
Little S (right) and her sister's rumored romantic rival Ady An
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Huang Xiaoming performs as Big Bang's GD, Baby's favorite

Baby's father gives his daughter away
Huang Xiaoming's parents want a grandchild

Baby weds in the rain

The banquet dishes all have lucky names

The Effiel Tower witnesses the romance of 6 years
Prince and princess look

Coach designed bags for the wedding

Guest gift bags
Reporters need passes to cover the event inside
Security has laser pointers to keep the press from taking photos

Ruby Lin
Mark Chao, Gao Yuanyuan, Lin Gengxin
Wong Cho Lam
Joyce Godenzi, Sammo Hung
Charles Heung, his wife and son Jacky
Directors Teddy Chan and Andrew Lau
Huang Yi and her daughter
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Huang Xiaoming spends 100 million yuan on the wedding.  Angelababy wears a tiara with a hundred year old history
John Woo serves as the witness
Xiaoming breaks down during the ceremony
Lin Chiling catches the bouquet
Lin Chiling
Shu Qi
Kiko Mizuhara
Li Yapeng, Hu Jun
Wong Cho Lam
Ruby Lin
Every course of the wedding banquet uses the best ingredients
The over 100 million yuan wedding turns the venue into a fairy tale world
Over 10,000 yuan was spent on flowers

After enjoying the daughter in law tea, the in laws urge Baby to have a baby soon
The wedding venue has one meter tall safety deposit boxes for wedding gifts
The groom Huang Xiaoming and the brothers pose like playful GRANDMASTERS
Xiaoming and Baby have massive wedding parties
Li Bingbing and Ni Ni accompany the bride Angelababy
Han Hong, Vicki Zhao, Dou Ching Tung
Albert Yeung (right)
Gao Yuanyuan, Mark Chao
Flower girl Angela Wang with her parents
A fan raises a sign to congratulate the new couple
The wedding fleet

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Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy ended their 6 year love marathon. After a low key marriage registration earlier, last night they held a 72 table banquet in Shanghai for family and friends. Under the witness of family and friends, they officially became husband and wife. The star wedding parties had strong line ups, with Li Bingbing, Huang Bo, Tong Dawei and Wang Baoqiang. The almost one thousand guests were all big shots like Shu Qi, Lin Chiling, Vicki Zhao, Han Hong, Shawn Dou Xiao, Sun Honglei and his wife, Mark Chao and his wife Gao Yuanyuan, Kiko Mizuhara, Sun Yang and others. The wedding banquet star power could rival an international filmfestival. No wonder it attracted several hundred reporters from three lands on both sides of the straits. Some even arrived early for a "good spot".

The wedding banquet officially began around 8PM. Baby's father handed his beloved daughter to Xiaoming. The new couple gave each other a loving star and kissed. The guests rushed to the stage for photos. When they exchanged their rings the new couple were teary eyed. Xiaoming then declared his love for his wife. "I can say my Baby you are done for, you just wait in the coming days. I have never treated anyone this well, aside from my Ma. I only want to bring the best of the entire world to you......even in our seventies and eighties, you will still be my little princess!" Baby "returned the favor". "On the road of life, I would keep supporting you silently......I wish in our old age, you would say to me, finding me is correct." Film company boss Wang Zhongjun and director John Woo (Ng Yu Sum) were wedding witness and host. Ng Yu Sum could not help but praise Xiaoming and his wife for treating people and matter with love and loyalty. The bride's bouquet finally ended up with Lin Chiling.

After the ceremony the new couple met the media with their respective parties. Xiaoming continued to dodge and deny that Baby's wedding gift was 38.38 million RMB. "It's just a rumor, she is priceless in my heart. (When will you have a child?) We wouldn't deliberately set a time for this, having a child is better naturally." Then they kissed three times at the request of the press. Bridesmaid Li Bingbing joked about not getting the bouquet, "Some girls changed into sneakers and still couldn't get it. With my first time as a bridesmaid I don't have enough experience, maybe next time."

The groom Xiaoming was not only willing to be "locked up from now on" but also spared no expense for this dream wedding and for Baby to wed in a sea of fresh flowers. The venue also had a carousel to carry the cake to "welcome the guests".

As for the wedding ring aside from the "Love Baby LEFFIE" that the groom gave Baby earlier, last night they exchanged a pair of "Love Baby Embrace Princess' Heart" rings. Xiaoming reportedly designed and supervised the making of the three rings. The bride's wedding gown was from Christian Dior. Her bouquet was from a French national treasure class florist. Xiaoming also performed Big Bang songs and danced to make Baby smile sweetly. Xiaomoing then presented a tower ring with 277 diamonds to his wife.

Xiaoming spared no expense to fulfill Baby's princess dream. He flew to the Chaumet headquarters in Paris to choose the diamond tiara and ring. The location has made diamond tiaras for royalty since 1780. The one Baby wore had over a hundred years of history. Created by the fourth generation Chaumet Joseph Chaumet, it was the favorite of Napoleon's first wife Josephine. This time the Paris museum made an exception and loaned it to Xiaoming. Baby's Christian Dior wedding gown took five months to make. With almost 100 flowers on it, every rose was unique.

Last night's 72 table banquet served the best, made by the Xiaoming invested restaurant "Beijing Parade". Because the guests, the workers and the media reached 2,000 people, 120 "elite" including 100 chefs from the branches nationwide and the menu was decided a month ago. The wedding dishes coordinated with the theme "the taste of childhood dishes that Mama made" so they were all Chinese dishes. Most of the ingredients were flown in and had a tasting team to control flavor. All the special dining ware had the "ah" logo.

Artists Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy (Yeung Wing) yesterday wed. Around 10AM Huang Xiaoming and his party Li Yundi, Wang Sicong, Wang Baoqiang, Jing Boran, Xiao Shenyang, Wu Jing, Huang Bo and Tong Dawei picked up Baby at her Shanghai home. The hunks wore black traditional Chinese suits and sunglasses. They even made the GRANDMASTERS pose with a rose in their mouths. The bridesmaids included artists Ni Ni and male designer Ma Tianyou, both appeared in a dress. Other bridesmaids included Baby's friends outside the business. Bridesmaid Li Bingbing did not arrived in Shanghai until yesterday afternoon due to work.

Xiaoming and the brothers after all the obstacles finally won over the beauty. They immediately presented tea to Baby's parents. Then the new couple arrived at the Ritz Carlton hotel to present tea to Xiaoming's parents. In a hat and traditional Chinese wedding costume, Huang Xiaoming looked extra handsome. In a red Chinese wedding gown, a pair of dragon and phoenix bracelet, a golden phoenix crown, gold necklace and ring, Baby remained traditional without losing her trendiness. The new couple held hands as they arrived and immediately presented tea to his parents on their knees.

Although the new couple appeared to be a little nervous, they kept their happy smile throughout. Huang Xiaoming's parents looked just as happy. After tea, they presented the new couple with red envelopes and also took the chance to "rush them to have a baby". "A good union for a century, have a child soon, several little Baby." Baby replied with a sweet smile. Baby who earlier stressed that she was not too nervous could not sleep the night before. Luckily her condition was not affected.

When the new couple left the media flocked to them. Over a dozen security guards shone laser pointers to keep the press from taking pictures and even dragged reporters away. The wedding fleet with the "ah" symbols was unable to leave for a long time.

At night, when Huang Xiaoming's parents arrived at the wedding banquet venue the host asked they if they wanted a grandson or granddaughter. They said that it would not matter to them. The host screamed, "Fraternal twins? Baby did you hear that?" The two elders then smiled brilliantly.

At last night's wedding banquet red carpet, star guests included Li Bingbing, Vicki Zhao Wei, Dou Ching Tung, Albert Yeung Sau Sing, Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Lin Chiling, Shu Qi, Ni Ni, Mark Chao and Gao Yuanyuan, the venue was like a film festival. Li Bingbing wore a long dress and appeared on the red carpet with the bridesmaids. She said, "I am very nervous, very happy to be able to participate in this banquet. This is my first, 'a bridesmaid virgin'. I wish that they will always love each other and be together forever. They are the prince and the princess!" Bingbing even "recruited princes" on the spot. Speaking of earlier when she boldly said that she would put on sneakers to fight for the bouquet, she joked, "I am not telling you, my shoes today are quite amazing!"

Rumored to be pregnant, Gao Yuanyuan and husband Mark Chao congratulated the new couple. Yuanyuan broke the pregnancy rumor with her trim waist. Xiaoming's friend Vicki Zhao Wei appeared with Han Hong and Faye Wong's daughter Dou Ching Tung. Emperor boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing also attended.

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