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Jan Lamb and Miriam Yeung only trade verbal jabs instead of having big arguments.  Chin Wa reveals that Jan Lamb says if he talks to Cass Phang that way he would be dead for sure.
Jan Lamb remains cool despite cracking up Miriam Yeung
Miriam Yeung and Jan Lamb play a couple in trouble
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With the popularity of school films in recent years, the Miriam Yeung Chin Wa and Jan Lamb Hoi Fung starred SHE REMEMBERS HE FORGETS (NA YUT TIN NGOR MOON WUI FEI) also belonged to the genre. They played a couple with a very poor relationship, which made Chin Wa think of her younger age with nostalgia.

Chin Wa said that the film was a tragedy. She and Jan were a couple on the verge of break up despite their appearance, with some scenes from their youth in between. Since she had to look upset during the shoot, was it tough? Chin Wa said that once she got into it it was not. When a couple was unhappy, they would not converse. Thus it was still good for couples to argue because having nothing to say would be the worst. They argued because they cared about each other.

Did Jan and his wife Cass Phang Ling have endless topics? He said that they would communicate before she went to sleep. In reality, he and his wife's relationship was very quiet. Why did Jan take this film after such a long time away? He said, "No! It's very frequent, one after another. The last time was MARRY A RICH MAN (GA GOR YAU CHIN YUN), it was already very fast. The last time after working with Sammi (Cheng Sau Mna) I was away from film for awhile, this time I don't know if I will have to be away for awhile again." Chin Wa cracked up.

Jan was asked if the additional shoot was for the bed scene. He said no, before the shoot he did not know about it either. Director Adam Wong Sau Ping only told him that they would have some passionate performance. Was this his first bed scene of his film industry "comeback"? He joked, "No, when I made TRICKY BRAINS (JING GOO WONG) I also had a bed scene with (Eric) Kot Man Fai." Later he told the reporters not to focus on the bed scene because his wife did not know yet. How extreme was this bed scene? He felt that his scene with Chin Wa was even more extreme, an alternative way of trading blows.

In the film Chin Wa checked Jan's phone. She said that she has already passed this sensitive period. Jan said that now he would like to check his daughter's phone the most. Did he check his daughter's social media presence? He said, "I told her I would never participate. I said I didn't know. Even the home computer password I would say I don't know. Actually I can hack in at any time, haha."

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