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Andy Lau invested and guest starred in OUR TIMES
Dino Lee, Dewi Chien, Darren Wang, Vivian Sung, director Chen Yu-Shan and Andy Lau
The Grasshoppers, Karena Lam (second left) and Alex Lam (second right)
Chrissie Chau has her first love at age 18
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The film OUR TIMES two nights ago held its Hong Kong premiere. Director Chen Yu-Shan, actors Darren Wang, Vivian Sung Yuhua, Dino Lee and Dewi Chien attended. Boss Andy Lau Tak Wa made a surprise appearance in his school uniform and drew cheers. Many artists two nights ago also showed their support. They included Karena Lam Ka Yun, Chrissie Chau Sau Na, the Grasshoppers, Kelvin Kwan Chor Yiu and others.

Darren Wang said that he has seen the film eleven times already. In the film he turned into Lau Tak Wa and sang love songs. Two nights ago he demonstrated by singing FORGET LOVE WATER, during which Wa Jai suddenly appeared on stage to stun the crowd. Wa Jai joked, "You lied. You said that if I sang off stage people would know, but no one cared about me." Then he and Darren Wang sang together, but Darren Wang forgot the lyrics and the director immediately slammed him. Sung Yuhua said that during the shoot she missed out on meeting Wa Jai, but she was fortunate enough to see him during the Taiwan promotion. Her dream has already come true.

The film made NT$ 400 million in Taiwan. Wa Jai was asked about his Hong Kong box office expectation. He joked that he was uneasy because this film ran into his other film SAVING MR. WU, but he was the boss of OUR TIMES. He could only say MR. WU was unlucky. Wa Jai even joked, "When everyone buy tickets, buy them for this one!" Why did he invest in the film? He said that he has always invested in strange films but the results have been pretty good. The event also raised a balloon with 65 million printed on it, wishing for the film to break YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE's box office record.

After the premiere, Wa Jai said that he was very confident in the box office. Was he confident that it will break YOU's HK$ 65 million record? Wa Jai admitted that he would like to. He said, "Just don't mess with my movie, (I hope) everyone perform well." He said that if the film will perform well at the box office, he will take everyone to dinner.

Will Darren Wang go skinny dipping again for audience appreciation? He said that he will not. Reporters suggested for him and Wa Jai to go together. Darren Wang joked, "If the boss does it, it's OK!" Wa Jai joked that Darren Wang would never make another film in his life again. He also admitted that he did not ask Darren Wang to skinny dip, he did it out of his own free will.

Chau Sau Na admitted that the film reminded her of her own adolescence; she went to a girl school and female classmates sent chocolate and love letters to her. The feeling was sweet but in the end they were only friends. After graduation she went to work at age 18 and finally experienced her first love.

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