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Gigi Leung and Hacken Lee have worked together in music but WONG KA YAN is their first film collaboration
Despite being two months pregnant, Gigi Leung still travels all the way to Ping Chau to support WONG KA YAN director Lau Wai Hung
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The film WONG KA YAN will open on October 22. Aside from stars Karena Ng Chin Yu and Wong Yau Nam, director Benny Lau Wai Hung also invited Gigi Leung Wing Kei, Hacken Lee Hak Kun and Patrick Tam Yiu Man to guest star. During the shoot Gigi was already two months pregnant, but she still got up early, went home late and traveled all the way to Ping Chau to work on the film. She said that she had to fulfill her promise from 6 years ago. She said that Lau Wai Hung has always wanted to direct, she once promised to take part in his directing debut. When the film started production she was over two months pregnant, out of the entire team only she and the director knew. Despite the heat she did not dare to have watermelon, cold beverage and ice cream, she was suffering but could not say it.

Gigi and Lee Hak Kun have worked together in music but this was their first film together. In the film she and her boyfriend Tam Yiu Man argued, the director wanted her to appear upset and to cry. However he also worried about the mood of Gigi during her first pregnancy. She said that she was optimistic and would not be affected. Hak Kun said that WONG KA YAN not only had a country feel but would also bring back the audience's feeling of romance.

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