Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Karena Ng jokes that she wants to see Wong Yau Nam positively nude
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Karena Ng Chin Yu, Wong Yau Nam and director Lau Wai Hung two nights ago attended their film WONG KA YAN's premiere in Mongkok. The trio received watches from Rodania. Will Yau Nam bare his back side to thank the fans if the film performs well at the box office? He said, "I have done it in movies! No need! (What about fully nude?) It's not necessary, we are very positive." Did he mean "positively all nude"? Chin Yu's eyes widened. "I want to see too, I have never heard anyone say positive!" Yau Nam explained that the film's message was positive.

Speaking of her boyfriend Raymond Lam Fung's statement that he will wed in a low key manner, Chin Yu agreed. "Low key is OK, I already spent a lot of time at work entertaining. (Were you envious of your friend Angelababy's wedding of the century?) Her husband (Huang) Xiaoming has businesses, he has to entertain more people. Our situation is different."

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