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Ah Sheh downs a bottle of whiskey 
Charmaine Sheh and Julian Cheung catches up with Michael Tong at a street stall
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Charmaine Sheh Si Man and Julian Cheung Chi Lam in the film version of RETURN OF THE CUCKOO (SUP YUET CHOR NG DIK YUET GUONG) reunited. Years later, "Kwan Ho" Ah Sheh returned to Macau to celebrate her mother "QE" Nancy Sit Ka Yin's birthday and caught up with "Chor Gor Gor" Chilam and "Kam Sing" Michael Tong Man Lung.

The trio drank, ate and caught up at a street stall. Ah Sheh after losing her husband gave up on herself, drank and gambled to abuse herself for release. Once she passed a game of mahjong on the street and played with gangsters. Finally she lost and was forced to drink. Chilam originally wanted to help but Ah Sheh boldly grabbed a bottle of whiskey and downed it herself!

Ah Sheh revealed that before the shoot she had a glass. "The director asked me if I have tried drinking for a drunk scene. I said no. The director said why not give it a try, but I was very afraid that I wouldn't remember my lines. I didn't know how I would act after I drank. He said that if they were not pleased they would pick another date for a rematch. He gave me a lot of confidence so I had the guts to try it." Later she admitted that drinking made her performance even wilder. "When I was buzz, I only had to concentrate on my emotions and channel them into experiencing Kwan Ho's pain. Even I felt the performance was different from before."

Ah Sheh after getting drunk just dropped on the street stall back alley, smoking with a shaky hand while tearfully expressing herself. Later she even tried to take her own life at the hotel, luckily Chilam found her in time. During the shoot, Ah Sheh lost control of her hands as she finished that break down scene with one take. Although Ah Sheh was a television Best Actress, she lay down on the damp and dirty back alley without any hesitation and was very professional.

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