Sunday, October 18, 2015


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Wong Yau Nam yesterday performed his film WONG KA YAN's theme song TO WONG KA YAN on the streets of Causeway Bay. He hoped to move the pedestrians with his sincerity because the script truly was great. He said that the last time he performed on the streets was already fifteen years ago. At the time he and Tsui Tin Yau performed SWALLOW TAIL BUTTERFLY with a guitar in Stanley. They even got 20 dollars from a foreigner, which was quite memorable for him. Speaking of the earlier film premiere, his friends praised that this film was his "super representative film". He replied, "Only one?" He described the premiere as very touching. "Aside from giving away walnut biscuits to the audience, Sister Suet Lei (Shirley Yim) even grabbed my hand and said that my crying scene was very natural. Even she wanted to cry. She told me to keep working hard, for which I was very appreciative."

As for Tin Yau's wedding preparation, Yau Nam said, "Incredible! It's very elegant! Amazing! (How aren't you in the groom's party?) I charge a lot! Actually we have our own friends." He revealed that earlier Tin Yau sent him a message to thank him for helping him with guest greeting. He said that they have known each other for 17 years already and deeply understood each other. November 2nd would be his 32nd birthday. He said that since he would have to promote in the Mainland he would not have time to celebrate. However he felt that working was better. Reporters suggested for him to meet girls at Tin Yau's wedding. He said that he was already getting to know some.

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