Friday, October 9, 2015


Wong Cho Lam takes a funny height different picture with Lin Gengxin and Sun Yang
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Wong Cho Lam reportedly will produce film for Shaw Brothers with film industry heavyweight figures Wong Jing, Andrew Lau Wai Keung and Anthony Chan Yau. "Later I will make a costume film and a modern film. The COUSIN series will have other plans, for now I can't announce them yet!"

Cho Lam even said that he wanted to be a manager and a "entertainment tycoon". "This time as a producer, aside from producing films I mainly want to help Hong Kong actors explore their Mainland market. If my own production company is stable, I hope to operate a management department. With my current relationships I can help Hong Kong actors make a living, because Hong Kong show business is almost at saturation. (Will you arrange for work for Leanne Li Yanan?) She is working right now, she is very busy. Aside from her husband I am also her boss!"

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