Monday, October 12, 2015


Simon Yam at the movies
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Best Actor Simon Yam Tat Wa has made countless films and won many awards in recent years. Earlier he received the Sitges Film Festival 2015 Honorary Maria Award for his achievements. "I am very happy and very honored. Every year many of my films would be shown there, this time two of my films were shown in a cinema with an 100 year old history. I watched movies with a group of viewers there."

Simon stayed for four days and had a tight schedule. "The people are very enthusiastic, I can also take the chance to promote the Hong Kong film industry and introduce Hong Kong cuisine to them." Simon also said that as soon as he won he immediately informed his daughter to give her encouragement and positive energy.

His wife Qi Qi was by his side the whole time. Did she give him any gift? She said, "Keeping him company is already the best support. When he gave his thank you speech he thanked a lot of people, but he actually forgot to thank me. Later after accepting the award he thanked me and our daughter, which cracked up the entire crowd." Despite being overseas, Simon still had just as many fans. Wherever he went he was surrounded.

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