Tuesday, October 13, 2015


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Wong Yau Nam and Karena Ng Chin Yu yesterday accepted a DBC interview. Speaking of their film WONG KA YAN's premiere that night, Yau Nam was nervous. Even though the film received good reviews in Korea and screenings, he would only find out about the Hong Kong audience's real reaction at the premiere. Tsui Tin Yau will wed in November, Yau Nam said that he will be responsible for welcoming guests. Because they have their own friends, he would not be in the groom's party. He said that being an usher was also very tough. He hoped to have a chance to pig out, but he would not mind if he did not eat because they have known each other for over a decade. Will he help with the gifts? He said that he will have to ask Tin Yau first. He joked that aside from helping the groom he could also help the bride. He believed that that day will be very joyous. He also revealed that Tin Yau was in great shape and has been working out. He has kept this secret to Tin Yau for a long time, when he announced it he was somewhat surprised. "A reporter asked if I was getting married, actually it was a mix up. When he and the company distributed his wedding photos, I think that he has already made up his mind. He is a good guy, I believe that he and his fiancee will be great." Chin Yu asked Yau Nam about himself, Yau Nam said, "I want to! I never would have guessed that he would bee sooner than me. I have said that I wanted to get married and start a family at age 30, I never expected that we would break up later." He said that he dated afterward, but because they were incompatible they were very short term. "When I meet a girl I am very traditional. I have to get to know her slowly. She has to be filial and kind, I am quite a bother."

Chin Yu said that her boyfriend Raymond Lam Fung planned to buy his own ticket to watch WONG KA YAN. He said, "He doesn't want to watch it with me. I said that I want to even less! I am not used to watching with people I am close to. Even with my family I would tell them to buy their own tickets. I like to digest my character in the film. As for her wedding date, she admitted that after the media wrote about her so many times, even when she went out to eat the restaurant manager told her to get married. He even congratulated her. Lam Fung earlier said that he might not announce his marriage, she replied, "Maybe the wedding won't be grand because it would be a lot of trouble. Work is already exhausting, we don't want our wedding to be like work. In addition the nature of our jobs is not business. (Will you wed in secret?) Probably not, I would tell, but not to too many people. Everyone has a way that is right for them."

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