Sunday, October 4, 2020


Chen Chen says that the news of Chian Wen-Hsiung's passing saddened and surprised her

Sylvia Chang worked on VICTORY, which Chian Wen-Hsiung was the production manager on, and made her an overnight sensation
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The film VICTORY (MUI FA)'s production manager Chian Wen-Hsiung passed away from illness at age 77. Veteran Taiwan medie person Ni You-Chun on social media made the announcement. "Known to filmmakers as "Little Chian of a Generation", the 77 year old Chian Wen-Hsiung yesterday due to asthma was rushed to the nearby Taiwan Miners' General Hospital in Keelung. soon after he fell into a coma and his heart stopped beating. At 8PM he went to find a carefree paradise."

The post mentioned that Chian Wen-Hsiung was seeking treatment for tooth necrosis, the after-effect of chemotherapy for throat and tongue cancer. For a year he was running away but still could not find a cure. In the end he succumbed to the illness. Chian Wen-Hsiung gave starts to Sylvia Chang (Cheung Ngai Ka), Ko Chun-Hsiung and others. Chen Chen also benefit. Chen Chen was saddened and surprised by the passing of Chian Wen-Hsiung, saying that you have to live in the present and health is the most important.

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