Thursday, October 8, 2020


Previous "Hay Bo" Eva Lai plays Amber Kuo's mother
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Eva Li and Amber Kuo have no generation gap during the shoot as they have endless topics to talk about

Two generations of Hay Bo, each with their own charm
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The Yik Shu novel film adaptation THE STORY OF HAY BO (HEI BO) is being remade 30 years later. Previously playing Chiang Hay Bo, Eva Lai Yin Shan in the new version played the new generation Hay Bo Amber Kuo's mother. Two generations of Hay Bo shared the screen and had plenty of pleasant surprises! Because Sister Shan had to work on a series and due to the pandemic, she was unable to promote the film in the Mainland. She also shot a video to cheer on Amber Kuo and the film online. The film trailer received over 1.8 million hits over 2 days. Sister Shan said, "Two years ago when I learned that I would have to work on HAY BO again, the schedule conflicted with the WONDER WOMEN series production. I rocketed to Beijing for the production, after which I rushed back to Hong Kong and into the studio to continue the series shoot. However to be able to make a movie that span through two generations was truly invaluable."

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