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Radio Hong Kong, Commercial Radio and Metro Radio last year due to the legislation unrests cancelled their physical awards out of safety concerns. This year again under the impact of the novel coronavirus, social distance measures like gathering limit orders remained. With the future unknown, Radio Hong Kong yesterday announced that this year's Hong Kong "Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs" will not hold a physical award concert and will continue to announce its results in a cross media special program format. Other radio media have not made any official announcements yet, but rumors claimed that Metro Hit Radio Awards also will not plan to have a physical award show. Commercial Radio's "Ultimate Music Awards" on January 1st next year will take part behind shut doors without an audience, but winning singers would still accept awards on stage.

Radio Hong Kong yesterday announced the "43rd Top Ten Chinese Gold Song Award" under the impact of the pandemic would not hold a physical award show and for the second year in a row it will be in a cross media special program format. On January 16th next yaer through Radio and Television Hong Kong channel 31, Radio Two Hong Kong and the Radio Hong Kong site the event would sum up the Hong Kong music performance of the past year and announce the award results.

Radio Hong Kong pointed out that this year's theme will be "Music Speaks", expressing when the world has been under the cloud of the pandemic how musicians persisted with music creation, safeguarding domestic Chinese pop music and let the music tell the story. Radio Hong Kong this year deliberately selected the Hong Kong Coliseum as this cross media program's production venue.

The event will begin its promotion on social media as Radio Hong Kong invited many singers to participate in it. The first round invited six singers, including AGA (Kong Hoi Ka), Pakho Chau, Alfred Hui Ting Hung, Jason Chan Pak Yu, Jay Fung Wing Him and Kenny Kwan Chi Bun. They will dress up "for the occasion", wear masks, maintain social distance while sharing the same space. The solemn mood will be as if the world is at rest. The design concept made the point that although despite the pandemic's impact on Hong Kong music, musicians still were determined to be in their position tell the story of our times through the common language of the people: music.

This year music under the severe impact of the pandemic has been almost completely dead as singers had difficulty with breaking through. Radio Hong Kong will make changes to ths year's awards, cancelling the "Top Ten Excellent Singers", "The Most Excellent Pop Singer Award" and the Improvement Award; this year's categories will include the "Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs", "Top Ten Chinese Gold Song Rookie Award", "Top Ten Chinese Gold Song Mandarin Song Award", "Top Ten Chinese Gold Song Male Singer Award", "Top Ten Chinese Gold Song Female Singer Award", "Top Ten Chinese Gold Song Band/Group Award", "Top Ten Chinese Gold Song CASH Creative Singer Award", "Top Ten Chinese Gold Song Best Chinese Record Award" and the "Global Chinese Ultimate Gold Song Award".

In addition, in response to the news that Commercial Radio Ultimate Music Awards will take place in a shut door format on January 1st next year, Commercial Radio said, "This station will announce the details of this year's Ultimate Music Pop Chart Awards later."

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