Tuesday, October 6, 2020


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Wong Yau Nam and Cecilia So Lai Shan starred in the new film HELL BANK PRESENTS: RUNNING GHOSTS (MING TUNG NGAN HUNG DUT YEUK: FAN SUN JUNG BA JIN) has been scheduled for release on the Ghost Festival. Although the subject was supernatural, it was not frightening at all. Instead it was a dark comedy, with tears within laughter. However actually So Lai Shan never watched ghost films. She joked that luckily this was not a scary horror film, otherwise she definitely wouldn't have taken it; Yau Nam did not resist against taking horror films, feeling that many people would be present on the set. If he decided to make one then he would do his best.

Wong Yau Nam and So Lai Shan recently worked together on the new film HELL BANK PRESENTS: RUNNING GHOST. In the film they went from rivals to become fond of each other. Unfortunately human and ghost had to go their separate ways. In the process of helping Yau Nam win his reincarnation battle, they each got something. HELL although had a supernatural subject, the underworld was digitalized. Thus much of the horror was reduced. So Lai Shan admitted that she never watched ghost films and resisted again taking ghost film roles. "I used to live above a burial goods store. Normally I would pass by and not pay attention, but one day I went inside out of curiosity and saw some paper mache maids. Later I actually had a nightmare. Thus earlier when I made the burial goods store scene I was a little scared. Luckily this isn't a scary ghost film, otherwise I definitely wouldn't take it." Yau Nam was not as resistant against ghost films. He said, "So many people are on the set, after work I wouldn't wander around anyway. If I decide to make the movie I would do my best."

Wong Yau Nam and So Lai Shan are both young, death seems to be very distant to them. However they both admitted that they have thought about death and agreed that they wanted to have a happy funeral. Yau Nam said, "If I would no longer be there in the future, I hope that photo would be a mischievous photo. I don't want people to be upset from seeing it when they come. Since it would already be a fact, I hope to leave my happy face in the hearts of everyone." So Lai Shan also agreed with Yau Nam's idea. "Foreigners' funerals wouldn't be too dark, they would bid their friends farewell in lighter ways. I want this too. Since it already happened and couldn't be changed, why not use a happy attitude to accept it. This is also my attitude in life."

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