Sunday, October 25, 2020


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Yuen King Tan recently spoke on a radio program about her career and her love life. Starting with FIGHT BACK TO SCHOOL (TOH HOK WAI LUNG) in 1991, Yuen Jai who started at ATV has been fortunately enough to work with Stephen Chow Sing Chi 9 years. Among them she played the madame three time and Sister Pomegranate in FLIRTING SCHOLAR (TONG BAK FU DIM CHAU HEUNG), which helped Yuen Jai break into the Mainland market. In Sing Yeh's movies, Yuen Jai did not mind playing ugly and even stated that Sing Yeh was not as mean as rumored. "What's the big deal about being ugly? It's very rare for an actor to be labeled! Sing Yeh isn't mean. The first time you work him, he wouldn't stop you. He would let you perform once. Then he would show you once for you to copy. I always say Chow Sing Chi isn't human, he is a god! Because you would never be able to imitate his comedic rhythm."

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