Saturday, April 12, 2014


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Sammi Cheng keeps her hair under wraps
Andy Hui cheers on Sammi Cheng, stays for 15 minutes and leaves
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Nominated for Best Actress with THE BLIND DETECTIVE (MAN TAM), Sammi Cheng Sau Man tonight will attend the Hong Kong Film Award. Yet with Zhang Ziyi as the favorite she already planned to lose and only saw the red carpet as her own mission of the night! She would appear at her best. Yesterday afternoon after the evening she immediately went to Central for hair, makeup and fashion. Before the race her boyfriend Andy Hui Chi On cheered her on and gave her the greatest support.

The Hong Kong Film Award takes place tonight. Although Cheng Sau Man received a Best Actress nomination, with a strong rival in Zhang Ziyi she already planned to lose before the race. She said, "Console me!" Sammi admitted that she recognized her fellow nominees' acting, in particular Zhang Ziyi's performance in THE GRANDMASTER (YUT DOI JUNG SI) was very shocking. She said, "An actress can play a character for 5 years, that patience is not easy to achieve. Her performance is great. I have lost for so many years, the quality of my mind is very solid. My mission to be able to elegantly walk the red carpet! (Did Hui Chi On send his blessing?) We see each other morning and night, we don't have to be like this."

Will Hui Chi On walk the red carpet with her for her to complete her mission elegantly? Sammi said, "The event arranged for another man to accompany me. Let's see if we will have a chance! I instead hope that when On Jai walks the red carpet for a film, I would accompany him!" In the afternoon after she attended CHASE AGAIN CD and DVD limited edition charity commemorative edition sales she immediately went to dress up at Central. On Jai appeared to cheer his girlfriend on and stayed for 15 minutes. Was On Jai confident about Sammi winning Best Actress? He smiled but did not reply. Sammi left around 8:30PM, perhaps to keep her new hairstyle under wrap.

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