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Gordon Liu's former assistant Eva Fung covers her face as she leaves the court room
Gordon Liu 's son Sin Chun Lung also attends the hearing
Gordon Liu reaches 120 pounds and appears to be in good spirits
Fan Yik Man breathes a sigh of relief as they get to the bottom of the case
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With hemiplegia on the right side of his body from a stroke, Gordon Liu (Lau Ka Fai)'s lawsuit against his first female assistant Eva Fung Ying Wa for the saving account that was in her care began its hearing yesterday, but both parties at the start already announced that they have already reached a settlement. Lau Ka Fai would get back his entire 1.45 million yuan RMB and HK$150,000 saving account and interest. Lau Ka Fai through his custodian Fan Yik Man said that he was happy and that although the lawsuit once made him very down, he still as a friend thanked Fung Ying Wa for taking care of Lau Ka Fai.

Lau Ka Fai received the entire sum of his 1.45 million yuan RMB and HK$150,000 savings account and interest. Custodian Fan Yik Man yesterday revealed outside the court that Fung Ying Wa contacted them the day before the hearing and said willing to return the sum unconditionally. Fan relayed Lau Ka Fai's message that he was very happy to get back his money. He also thanked the legal team that represented him voluntarily. At the same time Lau Ka Fai also thanked Eva for her care during his stork (August 17 2011 to December 27 2012). He regretted that in the end they ended up court because Eva did not keep her promise to return the sum on time.

Fan Yik Man said that although the sum in the lawsuit was not considered a lot, it still affected Lau Ka Fai's earlier treatment. He even went for tea less. She pointed out that since the lawsuit was filed to now the case has gone on for 16 months, during which Lau Ka Fai felt down and upset. Thus she hoped that with the end of the lawsuit he could live properly and "see everyone with his handsome look". Fan Yik Man revealed that the 62 year old Lau Ka Fai has been living in a nursing home and his weight has already risen back to around 120 pounds. His appetite has also improved and he was learning to walk. She pointed out that earlier she discovered a difference while handling Lau Ka Fai's account document and might need to take further legal actio, hinting that more money related lawsuits might be on the way.

As for Lau Ka Fai's 20 some year old son Sin Chun Lung he appeared in court yesterday s well and remained by Eva's side. When Eva left the court she once took reporters on a "garden tour". When asked if sh would visit Lau Ka Fai she even said that she had something that she wished to keep to herself. As soon as she thought of Lau Ka Fai she wanted to cry, then she suddenly choked up.

Yesterday Fan Yik Man said that after the hearing she went to report the good news to Lau Ka Fai. Lau Ka Fai upon learning that he could get back his money, he loudly said, "Great!" He was in good spirits, had a great appetite as he had a big bowl of Cup Dai (pork, liver and kidney) congee, fried curlers and cola. She wanted Lau Ka Fai to promise to eat more and recover and he quickly agreed. For him eating more was not hard at all.

However when he was asked to promise to work hard on his exercises he pouted and barely agreed, Fan Yik Man said.

With a little more than a million, Lau Ka Fai's life and treatment had more flexibility and Fan Yik Man also breathed a sigh of relief. She said, "I am the happiest that we got to the bottom of this. When I had to fight for this sum for Brother Ka Fai, there was a lot of talk, some even suspected that I got something from it. For this lawsuit I have to thank the legal team, they were friends who volunteered to help. If they charged, I am afraid that the money wouldn't be enough to handle the legal cost." As for Lau Ka Fai's Caine Road property sale, she said that it was being handled.

Fan Yik Man lamented that after the lawsuit began, even the doctor was willing to testify on behalf of Brother Ka Fai. Yet his family did not appear. She said that yesterday she saw Lau Ka Fai's son Sin Chun Lung, who actually appeared with Eva. When they ran into each other in court, Sin Chun Lung did not ask her about his father's condition. If he missed his father he could ask her to visit, but he did not do anything. Now Lau Ka Fai has private caretakers in a nursing home. Normally he would be willing to learn to walk, but when more people visit he would say that he was tired and in pain and wanted others to help him. The end of the lawsuit conceivably will help Lau Ka Fai's mood and health.

[Case number: HCMP1223/13]

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