Tuesday, April 29, 2014


After the commercial Elanne Kong expresses that she is OK.
Elanne Kong declines communication with Daneil Lam's company
Sneaking into work
Elanne Kong rushes upstairs when she gets home
courtesy of on.cc

Universe artist Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam earlier was revealed to have issued a legal letter to the company to demand a contract termination, angering Universe boss Daneil Lam Siu Ming who has supported her for years. Reportedly, Lam Siu Ming hoped to resolve the issue peacefully and once sent company executives to contact Kong Yeuk Lam in hopes of "gradual negotiation". Unfortunately she declined any communication as she left it to her lawyers. Lam Siu Ming could not be angrier and decided to escalate the matter, resolving it with a "legal duel".

Universe yesterday issued legal letters and added documents that included Wilson Chin Kwok Wai's film LAT GAING BA WONG FA, asking her to sign and follow them within the deadline. The documents were jobs that included some film contracts. If Kong Yeuk Lam insisted against signing them, the company would pursue all damages that would reach seven figures in estimate. Lam Siu Ming admitted that the company indeed has issued a legal letter and added documents to Kong Yeuk Lam, but when asked about their content he said, "I am not at liberty to reveal that."

After the incident began Kong Yeuk Lam kept a low profile until yesterday when she appeared for the first time in Chai Wan for a skin care product ad. Around 12:40PM yesterday Kong Yeuk Lam with her female assistant appeared at a Wan Chai industrial building and was surprised to see reporters, but she still gave a friendly wave. When asked about her lack of communication with her company, she said, "I am not talking about that, I am not at liberty to respond." Around 6PM Kong Yeuk Lam left in a party of five. She graciously stopped for reporters to take photos per their requests. When asked how she was, she gave a gesture and replied, "OK" then she left in her vehicle.

Kong Yeuk Lam has worked for Universe since she started. Next month her fixed term contract would come to an end, but earlier suddenly Kong Yeuk Lam issued a legal letter to the company and asked for the termination of the remaining five year break clause. Kong Yeuk Lam was rumored to have received an "advance" of 500,000 from the company and even said that every month she only relied on the company's advance to live as she had "no income over ten years". So far she has already owed a large sum. On the other hand, Universe boss Lam Siu Ming questioned if she truly had "no income over ten years, how did she live?" He also said that she only "did not make as much as she spent". Lam Siu Ming said that back then Kong Yeuk Lam signed a ten year fix term contract with Universe with a five year break clause that in the five years after the fix term ended the company had to right to her continuing employment.

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