Saturday, April 19, 2014


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Steven Ma Chun Wai and Fala Chen yesterday afternoon worked on their music video FEI LUEN JI CHING (LOVE OF NON ROMANCE). They played with a baby and a puppy. They also invited friend Brian Wong Chak Fung to help. Ma Jai said that singing a duet with Fala has been both of their dreams for many years. When he was planning his new record he made it come true. The song expressed "sibling love". Although they were not actual siblings, they might not have romance. He told his producer about his idea and this song was written. He and Fala have worked together on many series, in two of which she played his younger sister so they were as close as siblings.

They hoped to have other collaboration in the future. Fala revealed that Ma Jai had many scripts on his hand. Ma Jai said that he had to find a boss to invest as he had no money. He jokingly asked Fala to invest, Fala laughed and replied, "I don't have any more! Mine is hard earned money!" Ma Jai quickly said, "Mine is skin and flesh money, no, I mean blood and sweat money." Ma Jai said that Fala was very busy. He wanted to ask her to perform with him on tour but she did not have time. Fala revealed that she could not do anything about the schedule clash because she took the Dayo Wong Tsz Wa and Ronald Cheng Chung Kei starred film CHEUNG PO JAI.

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