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Andy Lau takes off when he attracts the police's attention
Andy Lau is completely in character for LOST AND LONELY
Andy Lau posts missing person flyers without any pedestrian recognizing him
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The Andy Lau Tak Wa starred film about kidnapped children,LOST AND LONELY (SUT GOO) started production in Quanzhou, Fujian in March. In the film he played a farmer who began a cross country journey to find his kidnapped son. Wa Jai for the character actively gained weight before the shoot. With his farmer look he was not easily recognized. The team earlier shot in Nanchang. After a month in production, Wa Jai's weary looked was even more convincing. When he posted missing person flyers at the train station the police even drove him away, he was described as 100% realistic.

In the film Wa Jai's clothing was tattered and torn, his hair was a mess and he was unshaven. He also carried a canvas bag. After a month in production, Wa Jai was convincingly dark and thin. When he shot in Quanzhou, he attracted a crowd that caused a traffic jam nearby and affected production. Earlier the team shot secretly at the Nanchang train station. Three production vehicles were present for the shoot, hiding the cameras. A dusty Wa Jai posted missing person flyers all over. Pedestrians could not recognize Heavenly King Lau Tak Wa, during the shoot the police even drove him away. Wa Jai actually ran and turned it into a real chase scene. When the photos were posted, some were amazed at Wa Jai's performance and some Mainland fans felt fortunate that Wa Jai did not run into "city management".

In LOST AND LONELY Wa Jai played a mountain farmer and father, his daughter was kidnapped and sold. He spent over 10 years to travel across the country and find his daughter. The film for realism had its share of hidden camera shoots. When he was distributing flyers on the streets the pedestrians became extras; some even did not know that a film was being shot and enthusiastically helped with the missing person flyers by posting it online. Later they realized that it was all an act.

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