Thursday, April 24, 2014


Yu Kang catches Donnie Yen's eyes to showcase his abilities in their new film
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Known as "Donnie Yen Chi Tan's disciple", Mainland action actor Yu Kang lately caught Chi Tan's eyes and starred in the film THE ICEMAN 3D (3D BING FUNG HUP: CHUNG SUN JI MOON). He revealed that while practicing on the set, Chi Tan asked him to fight with a real ax that weighed over 80 catty. They often had to face until their faces turned white before they could stop. "My character's weapon is an ax. Originally I had a 20 some catty 'lighter version' and the 80 some catty 'real version'. Brother Tan asked me to use the 'real version' to fight against him because fighting with the lighter version had no feel. However the ax was very heavy. In the end I told him, 'Brother Tan, I can't take it anymore!' He saw that my arms were numb and my face was white, so he let me rest first."

Yu Kang said that he admired Chi Tan very much. "Every time he is looking for something new and he is so demanding that I am left 'scratching my head'! For example some dangerous stunts would only be luckily completed once out of ten times, but he would always ask for it to be completed eight out of ten times! (Is it tough?) I am used to it, I have a kung fu background and I can take it!"

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