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Han Geng attends Tsui Hark's TRACKS IN SNOWY FOREST wrap banquet.  Actually he is in the cast
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The Tsui Hark directed, Huang Jianxin produced TRACKS IN SNOWY FOREST (JI CHUI WAI FU SHAN 3D) spent a year in production. Two days ago it finally wrapped. At the wrap banquet, popular Korean idol Han Geng appeared. Actually he was a part of the cast. Tsui Hark revealed, Han Geng played a member of the 203 Division. The character appeared during the script creation process to give viewers more connection to the 203 Division. Han Geng shot many scenes in the Xue Xiang, Maudanjiang in the Northeast and acted in almost thigh high snow. The process was very tough.

Tsui Hark revealed that TRACKS was one of the most dangerous films that he has ever made. The team worked in near 30 degrees below zero Celsius temperature. "We often needed to spend two hours to transport the equipment to the location before we could start, but daylight was very short. We constantly after battling the snow on the ground still has to battle time. In the end viewers will see the most intense and exciting action in the snow, but they won't see all the danger behind them."

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