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Juno Mak claims to still be interested in acting
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Juno Mak Chun Lung yesterday attended a 100 Must see Hong Kong Film event in Yau Ma Tei, a Juno designed poster with 100 films was on display. The Juno directed RIGOR MORTIS (GEUNG SI) has won many awards. He revealed that the film will open in June in the U.S. and in Japan in October. The film earlier won awards in Belgium, France and Singapore. He said that RIGOR MORTIS will also compete later at the Seattle Film Festival. He said, "Because it will be close to the June U.S. film release, I will be able to promote as well." When asked if he wanted to win, he said that he felt normal about it.

Juno revealed that he will produce a film that Aubrey Lam Oi Wa will write. They were still looking for a director. In May next year he will direct his own crime film. Will he act again? He said, "Actually people have asked me to act, but because I am too busy I have already turned down two films." Then he lost seven figures, did he regret it? He admitted that he would, but he was interested in acting again and wanted to work with different directors. After RIGOR MORTIS' awards, did anyone knock on his door about a sequel? He admitted that they did but he for now would not consider any sequel. Perhaps he might think about again five years from now.

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