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Despite not winning Best Actor, Tony Leung Chiu Wai still attends THE GRANDMASTER celebration
At THE GRANDMASTER celebration, Best Supporting Actor Max Zhang, Best Director Wong Kar Wai and Best Actress Zhang Ziyi pose with the film's 12 awards
Before the race Sammi Cheng already predicts that she would not win, so she dresses up for the red carpet instead.
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Zhang Ziyi with the film THE GRANDMASTER (YUT DOI JUNG SI) won Best Actress at the Hong Kong Film Award. The film has brought her 9 Best Actress awards. She should be excited but instead she celebrated her Best Actress award with a "grim look". Two nights ago after the award show ended she followed THE GRANDMASTER (YUT DOI JUNG SI) team to Carina Lau Ka Ling's restaurant to celebrate, when she faced the cameras she still was able to maintain a smile. Yet after a rushed electronic media interview director Wong Kar Wai and Best Supporting Actor Max Zhang Jin, her face suddenly turned grim as she darted through the print media interviews to decline interviews. She did not even pay any attention to Wong Kar Wai, who she gave a special thanks on the stage. She continued to turn a deaf ear and charged, leaving only Wong Kar Wai and Zhang Jin to handle the print media.

Zhang Ziyi already displayed thoroughly her "International Zhang" dominance on the red carpet, stating that no interview was already expected. Before the race she already announced that if she won Best Actress she would decline to be interviewed backstage, and even asked to go backstage only after the final award to pose with the fresh out of oven Best Actor. During the celebration she only spoke a few words at the electronic media interview. When asked if she has already received any congratulatory text message on her phone, before Wang Feng's name was even mentioned she immediately said, "Yes", turned around and left.

However Zhang Ziyi seemed to prefer to enjoy to speak her mind online. Yesterday she posted a special message and repeated her emotional speech. "Please believe that when you occasionally fall, as long as you are still on the road, those who travel with you will help you up and continue on! I am grateful." A Mainland site asked after the character "Gong Er" won her so many awards, did she already feel perfect and have no regret? She said, "This world has no perfection, I hope to have some regret. Today's regret is Leung Chiu Wai didn't win, this is today's imperfection. From him I learned professionalism that wasn't limited to just actors. Without an award, the recognition of him as an outstanding actor still can't be erased. He is ample strong inside, we want ourselves to be ample strong. Everyday we would run into a lot of happiness, rage, sorrow and joy, we still have to think in the most practical direction."

Although Sammi Cheng Sau Man again missed out on Best Actress, she was not disappointed. She even posted photos and messages online after the ceremony, stating her emotions after her Best Actress defeat. "I clearly understand the nature of sportsmanship, play and complete the contest wholeheartedly. At this moment, I am having a late night snack and silently talking to myself inside. mi thank every one of your love and encouragement here, I am even comforted. It truly is not easy to complete a journey. However mi will insist on going on. Thank you. I have received your love." Yesterday she again posted, "The Hong Kong Film Award has come to an end. A new day started again, as beautiful mood and mentality filled me up. With wins and losses, especially "losses", I am full of experience. I took a selfie in front of the background board and told myself: never give up! do your best! Even more importantly, be yourself. (thank you for keeping me company on the road of nomination)" Sammi was very positive.

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