Wednesday, April 16, 2014


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Film industry rising star Jacky Cai Jie in her first film ABERDEEN (HEUNG GONG JAI) had an affair with Best Actor Eric Tsang Chi Wai and even performed a conceptually daring bed scene. They were not only making out topless, Chi Wai even put his face on her chest. Cai Jie explained that she has taken the full protection and the shoot was not awkward. She felt very relaxed. "Chi Wai is a quite a gentleman. Normally he takes great care of people and is very polite. He makes everyone feel very relaxed. Perhaps because the director already told me about it several months ago, I was mentally prepared. At the time I agreed right away."

However, because director Pang Ho Cheung wanted a drunk feeling, she before the shoot drank an entire bottle of red wine. Cai Jie who rarely drank "blacked out" midway and had to shoot again the next day. She said, "I heard after 45 minutes I was unconscious. Originally everyone thought to wait for me to awake up, but Chi Wai said, 'Don't wake, she definitely won't be able to wake up!' After waking up, I immediately called to apologize because I added to everyone's burden."

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