Sunday, April 27, 2014


Kristal Tin, Pang Ho Cheung, Matt Chow, Chapman To
Kristal Tin shops like crazy at a coffee shop
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The Sandra Ng Kwan Yu produced and starred GOLDEN CHICKENSSS (GUM GAI SSS) was selected for the 16th Udine Far East Film Festival. Kwan Yu two nights ago left for the festival. She looked much slimmer. She said that lately she was very busy with work, program taping, movies and film festivals. She constantly flew around and did not get enough sleep. She did not even have time to spend Easter with her daughter.

As for winning an award, Kwan Yu admitted that she did not know what the Italian taste was like. However she joked that when Italians see her "38G" ambitious bust they would be rather happy. She said, "I would be happy if I win, if I don't I wouldn't be disappointed!" This was her first film as a producer, thus she took three days to participate in the festival. She admitted that she was reluctant to part with her daughter. Before leaving they spent 15 minutes as they struggled with each other, hug and kissed. She also said that her daughter made her a bracelet. Actually it was a very popular rubber bracelet. Since her daughter made it, she said that it was more valuable than any jewelry.

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