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First Stop: Funeral

Jacky Cheung helped manager Chan Suk Fun out of the hall

Second stop: Hong Kong Coliseum
Third Stop: cremation (Diamond Hill Crematorium)
Fourth stop: cleansing banquet (Whampoa).  Daugher Cheung Lai Fong arrived with family and declined any interview.
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Cheung Yiu Wing's eldest son Cheung Wing Hong did a lap inside the Hong Kong Coliseum with his father's photo to honor his contribution to the Hong Kong music scene
Pallbearers like Aaron Kwok, George Lam and Jacky Cheung personally sent Uncle Yiu Wing on his final journey
Family bowed at the Hong Kong Coliseum.  At the altar were Cheung Yiu Wing's favorite: mango and cola
Cheung Yiu Wing's original wife Law Kwai Chu and second wife Chan Yuet Kwai need assistance from family
Aaron Kwok stays throughout the entire process.  After cremation he stepped over the fire basin according to tradition then attended the hero banquet
Jacky Cheung is a pallbearer
Andy Hui
Mimi Choo was also to perform at the Hong Kong Coliseum all thanks to Cheung Yiu Wing
Kelly Chen
Deborah Li and her husband Mustache Kong
Alex Fong Lik Sun, Mark Lui
Before the crematorium, the hearse arrives at the Hong Kong Coliseum to eulogize this Father of Concert
Joyce Cheng
Wu Fung
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"Father of concerts" Cheung Yiu Wing passed away last month at the age of 83. Yesterday the funeral was held at the Universal Funeral Parlor, Cheung Yiu Wing's friends Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, George Lam Chi Cheung, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and others were his pallbearers. Later a farewell ceremony was held at the Hong Kong Coliseum, finally the coffin reached the crematorium for cremation. Originally working on a film in the Mainland, Sing Sing took time to return to Hong Kong to attend the funeral. Aside from being a pallbearer and attending the Hong Kong Coliseum ceremony, he even went to the crematorium and the post funeral banquet. He personally sent Uncle Yiu Wing on his final journey.

Around 11AM, the hall began the public and group memorial ceremonies. The Performing Artist Guild, Performing Industry Association, and the Tung Wah hospital group all sent representatives. Kelly Chen Wai Lam, Andy Hui Chi On, Alex Fong Lik Sun, Mark Lui Chung Tak, Wu Fung, Joyce Cheng Yun Yi, Patrick Tse Yin, Deborah Li and her husband Mustache Kong paid their respects in person. Hok Yau, Sing Sing and Lam Chi Cheung arrived in black to prepare. The service began at 1PM. Cheung Yiu Wing's son Cheung Wing Hong, Wu Fung, Yun Yi and Tommy Cheung Yu Yan gave eulogies and shared their memories of Uncle Yiu Wing.

The ceremony ended after 45 minutes. With a Scottish bagpipe funeral march, Cheung Yiu Wing's coffin was taken to the hearse by pallbearers Hok Yau, Lam Chi Cheung, Sing Sing and others. His son Cheung Wing Hong carried his father's photo and stepped out of the hall with his three brothers, Cheung Yiu Wing's original wife Law Kwai Chu and second wife Chan Yuet Kwai followed and were very brokenhearted. They were in tears and needed help descending the stairs. When Deborah Li left and wiped way her tears with tissue. Yun Yi's nose was also red from crying.

Around 2:25PM, the hearse arrived at the Hong Kong Coliseum backstage. Cheung Yiu Wing's son Cheung Wing Hong carried his father's photo off the vehicle and did a lap around the Hong Kong Coliseum. Then after he placed the photo on the altar, he led three family members to kneel and present incense sticks. Then family, friends and workers all bowed, as the announcement was broadcast, "The Yiu Wing Entertainment company organized, the Cheung Yiu Wing all star concert has come to its complete end, thank you everyone." It was a final farewell to Cheung Yiu Wing.

Cheung Wing Hong placed the photo back on the hearse. Family and friends continued to board vehicles to prepare to head to the Diamond Hill crematorium. 3 minutes later, the photo was placed back on the altar. Actually Sing Sing and Siu Mei who were held up by media interviews at the funeral parlor arrived late. Kelly Chen Wai Lam who said that she would head to the Hong Kong Coliseum did not appear.

After the Hong Kong Coliseum ceremony ended, the hearse around 3PM drove to the Diamond Hill crematorium and the cremation began. Sing Sing followed throughout. He said that Cheung Yiu Wing was his benefactor. "Mr. Cheung participated in every one of my concerts. witnessed my growth on the stage. Every time when I performed the show well, Mr. Cheung would give me two thumbs up." Sing Sing remembered Uncle Yiu Wing's effort and smile. He said that every morning Uncle Yiu Wing to up very early and revealed that before his late night snack he had to drink cola. He also loved horse racing. "Mr. Cheung knew that I wanted to be the Jockey Club member and introduced friends to me, which made me a member. If I had a concert on Wednesday I wouldn't be able to see him because he had to watch horse racing. I gave him a horse design tie to Mr. Cheung as a gift. He would wear it at every concert press conference." Sing Sing praised Uncle Yiu Wing for his important contributions to music. "I hope a statue of Mr. Cheung could be erected on the Avenue of Stars so everyone would always remember him. Everyone loved Mr. Cheung, he definitely knew."

Sing Sing followed the entire process and even attended the post ceremony hero banquet. Other family and friends also attended. Mr. Cheung's original wife and oldest daughter in law thanked the media.

Mimi Choo yesterday after paying her respect immediately rushed to work. She said that she owed Uncle Yiu Wing. "He called me 'Little Sister Choo'. He used to always ask me to discuss concerts and for laisee, but I wasn't always in Hong Kong and couldn't meet him. I owed him, I hoped he would have a safe journey."

When Yun Yi gave her eulogy she said, "Uncle Yiu Wing always treated me like his grandchild, telling him to talk him Grandpa. Thank you for giving me a home at the Cheung family, have a safe journey." Wu Fung pointed out that Mr. Cheung always responded to any call for help. He wished that Mr. Cheung would rest in peace in Heaven.

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