Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Kristal Tin is called a "sharp wife"
courtesy of on.cc

Chapman To Man Chak, Kristal Tin Yui Nei yesterday attended the Udine Far East Film Festival screening. Male foreign viewers kept following Tin Yui Nei and in the end event security had to step in. The couple was very gracious. To Man Chak joked, "Since they come to watch a category III film, being dirty is common knowledge!" Tin Yui Nei said that everyone was just being respectful and no one should get tense. No wonder To Man Chak said that his wife was a "sharp wife"!

Last year To Man Chak left a jacket in Udine, the event returned it to him at the screening but Ah Jat did not take it back. He joked that he wanted to leave it for good luck. Film festival president Sabrina Baracetti joked that he was killing her because she had to a place to store the jacket again.

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