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Huang Xiaoming, Song Hye-Kyo and Zhang Ziyi overcome language barrier and become friends
Zhang Ziyi and Song Hye-Kyo meet again after THE GRANDMASTER
Zhang Ziyi's character comes from the lower class and later becomes a mother, another challenge to her acting
Huang Xiaoming's military officer look is very handsome
Song Hye-Kyo plays a rich girl, John Woo says her aura makes her the only choice
Masami Nagasawa has a memorable romance with Takeshi Kaneshiro
John Woo spent 4 years on THE CROSSING,which wrapped up production yesterday
Masami Nagasawa thanks John Woo for providing warmth like the sun.
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The John Woo (Ng Yu Sum) directed, over 400 million RMB war disaster romance THE CROSSING (TAI PING LUN) with top Chinese, Japanese and Korean stars Zhang Ziyi, Masami Nagasawa, Song Hye-Kyo, Huang Xiaoming and Takeshi Kaneshiro (Gum Sing Mo) yesterday held a production end ceremony. Only Gum Sing Mo did not appear. The film spent 1 year in production. Currently in Beijing the 9 time Best Actress Zhang Ziyi was in a greaet mood and even joked that this film production was much faster than the one before. He even described the character in the film had more charm than Gong Er. Was she confident that she will win Best Actress next year? Huang Xiaoming already cut in and said, "Definitely."

Ng Yu Sum this time dropped his hero films for romance. With the 1949 Tai Ping Ferry sinking as the background he brought out wartime three love stories with Zhang Ziyi and Tong Dawei, Gum Sing Mo and Masami Nagasawa and Huang Xiamong and Song Hye-Kyo; but Ng Yu Sum did not feel THE CROSSING was a Chinese TITANIC because TITANIC was a story that took place on a ship. THE CROSSING's wartime background brought out each person's different fate, it was even closer to GONE WITH THE WIND. Ng Yu Sum said that he was just as handy with a romance and would definitely be able to affect everyone.

Winning her 9th Best Actress recently at the Hong Kong Film Award, Zhang Ziyi this time did not look glum and even appeared to be rather close with THE GRANDMASTER's co-star Song Hye-Kyo as they often conversed in English. Zhang Ziyi at the press conference even happily gave Huang Xiaoming a high five. She was fully confident in this collaboration.

When Ng Yu Sum said that the film took 4 years to prepare and over 1 year to produce, Huang Xiaoming said that she turned down many jobs to coordinate. Zhang Ziyi joked, "When compared to my previous experience (THE GRANDMASTER took over three years to make) this is already considered fast."

Reporters asked if Ng Yu Sum should thank Wong Kar Wai? He said, "That's definite." Zhang Ziyi said that this time her character was a woman with a rather strong will to live. She had a hard time on the production, in particular with the ferry sinking. However on the other the character also made her enjoy the performance. Earlier with Gong Er she won 9 Best Actress. She pointed out that the awards were bonuses, viewers' fondness for and recognition of the character was even more important. She stated that for the director she was willing to give times to the production, and described the character as even more charming than Gong Er. When reporters asked if she was confident about winning Best Actress next year, Huang Xiaoming already cut in and answered for her, "Definitely."

Ng Yu Sum had nothing but praise for the actors in the film, saying that he worshipped Zhang Ziyi and believed that directors who have worked with her like Wong Kar Wai, Ang Lee, Zhang Yimou would be rather happy because she would perform more outstandingly and worked even harder than the director would ask. When she tried her luck in Hollywood she did not speak English, also with her own hard work she was able to have her achievements today. He mentioned that he asked Song Hye-Kyo because she had a very elegant grace. In addition she was smart, thus every scene was grasped very accurately. She was even more able to perform myself. Song Hye-Kyo praised Ng Yu Sum gave her a very warm impression of a father. At the same time she also loved to wear Chinese dresses.

As for Huang Xiaoming he mentioned that during the shoot he conversed with Song Hye-Kyo in English and even said that his English has always been improving. He even said that his relationship with Song Hye-Kyo was very tragic. When he read the script he cried many times. Yesterday Zhang Ziyi and Huang Xiaoming presented a watch and a massage chair respectively to the director, hoping that aside from his love for film he would also take care of his body and focus on his rest.

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