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Samantha Ko
Whitney Hui
Rachel Lee, Venus Wong
Eliza Sam
Anjaylia Chan, Carman Lee
Gloria Yip and Alvina Kong pose with their counterparts.  Kandy Wong, Gloria Yip
Alvina Kong, Annice Wu
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Angie Cheong, Flora Chan, Carman Lee, Rachel Lee, Fennie Yuen, Gloria Yip, Alvina Kong
Carman Lee gives a birthday kiss to Eric Tsang
Everyone celebrates producers Eric Tsang and Joe Chan's birthdays
Joe Cheng and Rachel Lee have a kiss scene that leaves everyone in awe
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TVB series M CLUB (NUI YUN KUI LOK BO) two nights ago held the "M Club Premiere". The ladies Angie Choeng Wai Yee, Rachel Lee Lai Chun, Alvina Kong Yun Yin, even Fennie Yuen Kit Ying dressed provocatively for the occasion. They celebrates producers Eric Tsang Chi Wai and Joe Chan Wai Koon's birthdays. Carman Lee Yeuk Tung, Gloria Yip Wan Yi and Kong Yun Yin even kissed birthday boy Tsang Chi Wai.

Rumored to have turned down a rich businessman's advances due to her son, Angie Cheong Wai Yee said that currently she is single and does not feel she has any suitor. She lamented, "Finding a man who shares the same values, admires my inside and also loves his son isn't easy, I would have to be destined to find him." She said that now she wants to make more series than dating.

Gloria Yip Wan Yi has not acted in a long time. With the series premiere she admitted that she was very nervous. Speaking of the children not attending the premiere, Yip Wan Yi said, "They don't get to watch it until it airs. I won't give them any spoiler to prevent them from telling the story to classmates." As for the outside saying that she returned for the series without slimming down first, Yip Wan Yi said, "I never thought about a comeback, this time I only made the series for fun. My character has a little housewife figure, so I don't mind what viewers say. Earlier I even deliberately ate more to gain weight for the series."

Lee Lai Chun in the premiere video tried to seduce Lawrence Ng Kai Wa and kissed Joe Cheng King Kei. She said, "In the series I had a daughter with my first love Cheng King Kei, so I wanted to get back together with him. On the other hand I also thought Ng Kai Wa had a crush on me. Although I had plenty of kiss scenes, the shoot wasn't awkward. After the shoot I no longer loved them!" Flora Chan Wai San was studying for her Master's degree and she was busy with her graduation thesis. In addition next week she will return to the Mainland for a series. Thus sh would not be able to attend the remaining promotional activities. Busy with her divorce during the shoot Kong Yun Yin said that the production sped up her recovery period.

Tsang Chi Wai after watching the premiere video stated that he was almost in tears. He did not want any pressure, and since the premiere date happened to be a public holiday he only wanted good word of mouth and declined to predict rating. Eliza Sam Lai Heung played the daughter that Lee Lai Chun abandoned. She kept looking for her mother and thus applied to be an instructor at Kong Yun Yin's dance school. She said, "I am not too coordinated but in the series I had to keep dancing. Luckily the choreographers worked hard to teach me. The instructor knew how my background was so I wouldn't 'stink'."

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