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The cast brings back childhood memories with a photo under the apple tree
Pang Ho Cheung jokes no one is willing to play the Chameleon
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The chameleon that appeared in the Queen's Road city model in the film ABERDEEN (HEUNG GONG JAI) actually is the director Pang Ho Cheung. The director joked, "Because at the time no one was willing to play this chameleon. In addition I felt that the chameleon's movements were very important. I was afraid that no one could understand the look that I wanted, so in the end I decided to perform myself." The team revealed that actually playing the chameleon was like the Ultraman vs. Godzilla movies from their childhood. Godzilla could freely destroy the city. The director had quite a connection to this and thus insisted on performing himself.

Pang Ho Cheung also hoped to have a scene to express the family in harmony, he felt that the best place was at McDonald's. Thus he hoped to win the apple tree that often accompanied his childhood seat. The team while scouting for location discovered that actually the entire chain no longer had that apple tree. The director in the end ordered the team to make it from scratch.

The director also wanted to put a whale in his film. This time he made a 1 to 1 scale, around 30 feet long whale that weighed over a ton, with hidden and complicated contraptions inside. It required human hands in the belly of the whale to control, to make the whale breathe and move. Thus it took a very long time to prepare. They asked an expert who specialized in whale behavior and took half a year in Thailand to make. Its transportation was also rather complicated. Because it was too heavy, it could only be shipped by cargo at sea to Hong Kong and then craned to the beach. The team also had to communicate with government departments. This whale was even more difficult to make than the entire film. At a certain film festival, Pang Ho Cheung by chance ran into STAR WARS director George Lucas. He immediately asked to have Storm Troopers appear in his film and finally got the permission for them to appear in ABERDEEN.

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