Thursday, April 24, 2014


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Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam and her management company Universe have not come to an understanding over their contract issue, but she still caught the eyes of Wilson Chin Kwok Wai as he approached her about THE INSPECTOR WEARS SKIRT (BA WONG FA) type new film. Chin Kwok Wai yesterday admitted that he has spoken with Kong Yeuk Lam about the film. "I know about Kong Yeuk Lam's situation but we are still checking our schedules. (Who did you negotiate with?) I follow all the official channels. (Are you afraid of another incident of skipping out like DaDa Chan Jing?) This time isn't a personal problem, it is company administration. They are different. The film will start production in mid May, I will wait a little. Right now already confirmed is Jeana (Ho Pui Yu), still in negotiations are (Ava) Yu Kiu and (Chrissie) Chau Sau Na." Universe said, "We talked about it, work will continue as usual."

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