Thursday, April 24, 2014


Ng Man Tat lost 24 pounds from the illness
Ng Man Tat yesterday had tea with Lok Ying Kwan (right) and Yip Seung Wa (second left)
Before his hospitalization Ng Man Tat looked fuller at a film promotion
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Ng Man Tat earlier due to heart infection was sent to the Intensive Care Unit for treatment, luckily he is fine now! After a recovery period, yesterday Ng Man Tat was in good spirits but was obviously thinner. Brother Tat admitted that he was much thinner. From his hospital release at the end of last month to early this month, in a week he lost 24 pounds. "Because my heart infection enlarged my heart a little, the doctor limited me to 900 cc of water everyday. With less water I became thinner, from 79 kilograms to 68 kilograms! (Have you quit smoking?) Yes, after smoking for several decades, I stopped as soon as I was hospitalized. Now I have nothing to do with smoking and drinking!"

Due to less water, Brother Tat suffered from constipation. Now the doctor has given him some fiber pills and the condition has improved. He only had to rest for half a year of so his body would recover. After the news of his release spread, his friends sent their greeting. Yesterday he even had tea with Lok Ying Kwan and Yip Seung Wa. Brother Tat not only thanked his friends for their concern but also felt helpless about the rumor of his death two days ago. "Lately I got many calls about this, thank you everyone for your concern. The most important is to tell everyone I am fine."

Ng Man Tat has always been a film and television industry hot property. This illness made Brother Tat turn down many jobs. "Aside from turning donw the Liaoning television program judge job, I also turned down some series and films. (Did you lose several million?) More than that!"

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