Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Wilson Chin brings the "hot cops" to the training
Eliza Sam looks convincing
Jeana Ho and Hidy Yu spar
When Joyce Cheng punches she hilariously screams "soda" and "ice cream"
courtesy of on.cc

The Wilson Chin Kwok Wai directed, Charlie Wong Wing Fung produced new film LAT GAING BA WONG FA (HOT INSPECTOR WEARS SKIRTS). Stars Eliza Sam Lai Heung, Jeana Ho Pui Yu, Hidy Yu Hiu Tung, Jade Leung Jung, Jacky Cai Jie and new comer Anita Chui Bik Ka attended the training and looked very convincing.

Wilson revealed that Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam will play a female Special Duties Unit member. He was not afraid of her contract dispute with her company. The soonest she could join the training would be next week. "We follow all the procedures on the contract singing. She and her manager both had no problem, I believe sh wouldn't miss a good role. (Are you afraid of a repeat of the DaDa Chen Jing incident?) They are two different people! In addition this time the damage won't be as harmful, we have many girls who can accommodate."

When the pretty and sweet Heung Heung (Eliza Sam) trained she looked very powerful. She knew that Kong Yeuk Lam has trained in weight lifting for a film and had her heat set on making movies. She hoped that they would be able to work together. "I have heard that she is very hard working, I have to train even harder. I want to train so my muscles are firmer! (To beat her?) No, we are on the same team!" Jeana and Hidy said that they would work hard on training a mermaid line to steal the spotlight. Speaking of Kong Yeuk Lam, Jeana felt that the spirit of the contract should be respected and hoped that she would perform. Hidy joked that if Kong resigned she hoped to fight for more screen time.

Yun Yi yesterday began training for her new film. Speaking of Kong Yeuk Lam's chance to perform, Yun Yi said that they once belonged to the same record company and at the time got along quite well. However recently she had little contact. "I don't know how she feels lately. I want to work with her too and train each other. The world is round though, if this time doesn't work out there would be a next time." Training for the first time yesterday, Yun Yi was obviously tense and nervous. The coach could only tempt her with food and joked that if she fought well she could have ice cream. Yun Yi immediately was filled with emotions and screamed "soda" and "ice cream" when she punched and kicked. She said, "Luckily lately I started going to the gym again and I have been dancing. I am pretty loose. (Are you afraid of injury?) I am! I would use head gear and knee pads, I bruise easily! (Would you ask the director to go easy on you?) I don't need to, I won't ask for special treatment. Morale comes from training together."

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