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Miriam Yeung and Gigi Leung have known each other for 18 years but ABERDEEN is their first film together
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Miriam Yeung Chin Wa yesterday shared photos with her husband Real Ting Chi Ko online. Ting Chi Ko played house husband as he personally cooked while Chin Wa stood to the side and waited for food.

Chin Wa lamented about her husband cooking for her. "From dating to now I finally get to try his cooking! It's very delicious!" Many fans were envious of Chin Wa and praised Ting Chi Ko. "Men who cook are the sexiest!"

Chin Wa and Gigi Leung Wing Kei earlier appeared on a TVB program and mentioned that they started in the music scene in the same year. They have known each other for 18 years and watched the others change, which they thought was very interesting. However ABERDEEN (HEUNG GONG JAI) was actually their first film together. Leung Wing Kei said, "Chin Wa is very direct and very funny on and off camera." Chin Wa felt that she used to stumbling around, now as an adult she finally learned to follow rules. She also pointed out that Leung Wing Kei was more mature, happier and relaxed.

Chin Wa and Leung Wing Kei both agreed that after marriage they had no concern on the set. They worked on bed scenes as usual because marriage was not an obstacle to work. Instead they felt it was a type of support for themselves. Chin Wa said that she minded having to play Louis Koo Tin Lok's older sister in the film the most, because she was actually younger than Goo Jai. She once suggested for director Pang Ho Cheung to change the script.

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