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Chen Daoming, Gong Li
Gong Li, "New Mou Girls" Zhang Huiwen, Zhang Yimou and Yan Ni
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The Zhang Yimou directed COMING HOME yesterday held a Beijing press conference, leads Gong Li and Chen Daoming appeared. New generation "Mou Girl" Zhang Huiwen also became the focus. Everyone praised how well maintained the 49 year old Gong Li was. As for outside claim that the new Mou Girl had shades of Gong Li, Gong Li protected her and said, "I saw shades of me back then." Before Gong Li finished, Chen Daoming already denied that Zhang Huiwen and shades of Gong Li, which made Gong Li add, "I don't know how to dance. Huiwen is a great young actress. Although she didn't have any performance training, she is a great actress with a lot of potential."

Chen Daoming in the film played Zhang Huiwen's father. He praised this new Mou Girl as very spirited but drastically different from Gong Li. He said, "I can see shades of others on anyone. Mou Girl is only a concept and can't be cloned. Generation after generation of actresses can't be cloned either." Zhang Yimou said that he chose the current Beijing Dance Academy student Zhang Huiwen to perform. He said that after half a year of recruitment he finally found something that resembled that era in her eyes. In addition she could dance, so he thought she was suitable.

The film has already been scheduled for a May 16 release. Zhang Yimou even described the performance of Best Actress Gong Li and Actor Chen Daoming as instructional material performance, as precise as a textbook both outstanding actors were worthy of the young generations to learn from. They even appreciated each other. Chen Daoming praised Gong Li as an outstanding actress, while Gong Li hoped to have more chances to work together in the future. They even made a promise with a handshake.

Was Zhang Yimou disappointed that COMING HOME was not selected for the Cannes Film Festival competition? He pointed out that film was not made for competition. Whether a film could compete several determining factors and not his personal decision were involved, but he personally felt a slight regret; because Chen Daoming and Gong Li were both outstanding actors, they absolutely had the ability to compete. Very regrettably this time they would not have the chance.

Two days ago Zhang Yimou was caught with his wife Chen Ting. After publicizing his marriage and parenthood, they no longer needed to keep their relationship "underground". They walked and chatted lightly, and even had four or five assistants and workers with them. The master class director's presence remained.

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