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Pang Ho Cheung, Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Gigi Leung Wing Kei earlier appeared on cable's Film Montage porogram to discuss their film ABERDEEN (HEUNG GONG JAI).

Gigi in the film played a couple with Louis Koo Tin Lok, she said that after getting married she understood the interaction between a couple behind closed doors. Thus during her performance she had no concern and believed that the director would display her best side. On the other hand, Pang Ho Cheung caught her off guard with his sudden behavior.

In one scene Gigi attended a tycoon's dinner party. The scene was already completed but Pang Ho Cheung never yelled cut. Pang Ho Cheung joked that this was his specialty. He said, "(Shawn) Yue Man Lok has worked with me all the time and knows about my habits. Maybe because it is your first collaboration with me so you don't know. When I see an actor getting into character, sometimes I would keep going." He pointed out that that scene wanted her to perform that exact off guard feeling.

Chin Wa pointed out that this was the third time that she worked with Pang Ho Cheung. They had even more chemistry. She continued, Pang Ho Cheung was biased and treated Leung Wing Kei better. Pang Ho Cheung explained that this was because Chin Wa's character was heavier. He did not want to disturb her when she cultivated her emotions. Instead Gigi's character was more relaxed and they could chat and laugh on the set.

Chin Wa also revealed that Pang Ho Cheung had a performance fetish, citing that he often told her that he wanted to play a couple with her. The background would be an older woman, young man romance, but Pang Ho Cheung was obviously older than her. Chin Wa said, "He is very ambitious, he wants to play award winning characters. Thus he says that he wants to play someone with mental deficiency. Then he keeps on playing the character for me all the time on the set." Pang Ho Cheung already signed with a film company to be an actor. He said that the main reason that he wanted to transition to be on camera because directing was too tiring. In the future he would drop his directing job and try to do something else.

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