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Patrick Kong is both excited and nervous to be able to work with a top comedy star
Patrick Kong brings together Michael Hui and Wong Cho Nam for a comedy team
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Director Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum)'s new film invited "comedy star of a generation" Michael Hui Koon Man to make a comeback against the "new generation comedy expert" Wong Cho Nam. Yip Lim Sum pointed out that being able to personally direct his idol was very memorable. He even said that he was "rub very sharply". With the trio sparks would certainly fly.

The Yip Lim Sum directed new film DELETE MY LOVE (DELETE OI YUN) invited "comedy star of a generation" Hui Koon Man to make a comeback and work with Wong Cho Nam. Yip Lim Sum admitted that working with Hui Koon Man was a dream come true, at the same time he stated that he had a lot of pressure as he was very nervous. "I grew up watching his films, very wonderfully one day he became my actor. Seeing him on the Mon(itor) I was very emotional. Being able to personally direct him is very memorable for me."

Knowing fully well that the elder was quite selective with his scripts, Director Yip was fully prepared for the film and used every trick in the book to get a meeting with Hui Koon Man. Finally his sincerity moved his idol into a return. "Actually he and his children have seen all my movies, I was very excited and very happy. Hui Koon Man said that his daughter even thought that I would pair him with (Stephy) Tang Lai Yun. He rather appreciated my film style, at least he had initial fondness. In the end the story should be the one that moved him because this type of fantasy story rarely appeared in Hong Kong. The entire shoot went very smoothly."

He pointed out that Hui Koon Man during the shoot asked a lot of questions and joked that he was 'rub very sharply". Yip Lim Sum said, "His generation of actors had a lot of script understanding and acting demands of their own. I told myself to keep letting him rub, which would show myself whether I had the ability to make movies and create. From him I saw his generation's taste for drama, sometimes younger kids would be sloppier."

This time Cho Nam no longer dressed up like a woman. Director Yip praised him for smartly joining in on his character creation. The other surprise was Ivana Wong Yuen Chi. Yip Lim Sum said that he saw her comedy sense and looked forward to working with her again next time. "Her tone and sense of rhythm is very strange, very unique. No one could rival her neurosis, after making this film I told her not to give up on acting."

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