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Hacken Lee
Ekin Cheng
Alan Tam gives thumbs up to Mr. Nice Guy Cheung Yiu Wing
Uncle Yiu Wing's oldest son Cheung Wing Hong presents incense sticks
Paula Tsui
Liza Wang
Ng Yu, Chan Suk Fun,  Ho Lai Chuen (right) and other funeral committee members meet the press
Kenneth Choi
George Lam, Sally Yeh
Edmond Leung, William So, Paco Wong
Susanna Kwan
Jenny Tseng
Uncle Yiu Wing's family photo in the program
Fun Nei has an accident as she parks
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Joey Yung takes time to pay her respect despite her busy schedule
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Gigi Leung

Deborah Li and her husband Mustache Kong
In Aaron Kwok's eyes Cheung Yiu Wing was a big mischievous kid.  Today Sing Sing returns to Hong Kong for the funeral
Jacky Cheung thanks Cheung Yiu Wing for his contribution to music
Cheung Yiu Wing appeared at Andy Lau's concerts
Andy Lau is unable to attend in person and eulogizes Uncle Yiu Wing with his words
Leon Lai eulogizes his beloved Uncle Yiu Wing
funeral offering
Eulogies from Roy Tang and Li Ka Shing
Li Ka Shing and son Richard Li's floral arrangement
Mrs. Cheung greets and thanks the media as she leaves
Cheung Yiu Wing and his second wife in a family photo
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"Father of Concert" Cheung Yiu Wing passed away on March 25th at age 83. Yesterday funeral services began at the Universal Funeral Parlor, stars eulogized him. The pallbearer list included two Heavenly Kings Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Jacky Cheung Hok Yau as well as George Lam Chi Cheung. Yesterday many from show business, politics and business paid their respect in person and sent floral arrangement. Joey Yung Cho Yi's performance of YIU WING ENTERTAINMENT was played in the hall to send him on his final journey.

The funeral would be a Taoist ceremony. Cheung Yiu Wing had a smile in his funeral photo, with white lilies around it and the banner that said "Wise Man Withered". Several large screens played "Brilliance all over the music scene, Honored Return to Heaven" to represent Cheung Yiu Wing's contribution to music with a wordplay of his name.

Today noon after the funeral ceremony, Cheung Yiu Wing's son Cheung Wing Hong, Joyce Cheng Yun Yi and others gave eulogies. The pallbearer list included Cheung Hok Yau, Kwok Fu Sing, Lam Chi Cheung and others. On the final journey toward the Diamond Hill crematorium, Cheung Wing Hon held his father's photo and took a lap around the Hong Kong Coliseum as final farewell before continuing on. Although Sam Hui Koon Kit's Hong Kong Coliseum concert was taking place, the ceremony took place in the afternoon and did not have any effect. Funeral committee member Ng Yu said that "Four Great Heavenly Kings" were contacted about being pallbearers, but not everyone were unable to attend. He said that everyone meant well but they were too busy with work. Sing Sing rushed back to Hong Kong this morning for the funeral.

Yesterday guests who paid their respects included Liza Wang Ming Chuen, Alan Tam Wing Lun, Paula Tsui Siu Fung, Gigi Leung Wing Kei, Yung Cho Yi, Cally Kwong Mei Wan, Hacken Lee Hak Kun, Deborah Li, Lam Chi Cheung, Sally Yeh (Yip Sin Man), Susanna Kwan Kuk Ying, Jenny Tseng (Yun Nei), TVB, Commercial Radio, Radio Hong Kong and Metro Radio all sent representatives. Father and son Li Ka Shing and Richard Li sent floral arrangements. Yesterday around 300 floral arrangements filled the hall and outside the funeral home.

Yung Cho Yi revealed that Cheung Yiu Wing's family suggested for her to sing a song for Mr. Cheung to be played at the hall. Several days ago she recorded YIU WING ENTERTAINMENT. Joey said that Uncle Yiu Wing was quite influential. "Whether the artist was popular or not, he still enthusiastically helped them."

Wang Ming Chuen had help with several Hong Kong Coliseum concerts from Uncle Yiu Wing. "From meetings to concerts he would personally attend. He really cared about singers. His humor was very memorable." Tam Wing Lun said that Cheung Yiu Wing's laughter could be heard from faraway. "At the Jockey Club I would hear him laughing about losing! 3 weeks before Cheung Yiu Wing's passing, we ran into each other at a spring banquet. His wife won HK$3,000 cash from the lucky drawing, but he donated 10,000 to the lucky drawing. I remember Cheung Yiu Wing the most for his guts. When I held a low volume concert at the Stadium, the government stated that it wanted to arrest someone. Cheung Yiu Wing and Cheung Kwok Chung said that if anyone should be arrested they should be the first ones." He said that even though some concerts did not break even, Cheung Yiu Wing still promoted them for the music scene. His passing was quite regrettable.

Cheung Yiu Wing was synonymous with the music scene. Once extremely popular in the Hong Kong music scene, Four Great Heavenly King Lau Tak Wa, Cheung Hok Yau, Leon Lai Ming and Kwok Fu Sing received his support and landed on the Hong Kong Coliseum stage. Cheung Hok Yau, Lai Ming, and Sing Sing yesterday sent floral arrangements to the hall. Hok Yau and Sing Sing today would send Uncle Yiu Wing on his final journey. Both were on the pallbearer list. Wai Jai and Lai Ming due to work were unable to pay their respect in person, but in the memorial program they expressed their remembrance of Uncle Yiu Wing in words.

Lau Tak Wa wrote, "I believe the contribution of life is not about whether I have fulfilled my dream but whether I have helped everyone fulfill theirs. How many people, how many dreams, came true because of you. I believe Uncle Cheung only because in my heart and in my singing, in my dream you exist. Forever remember Teacher Yiu Wing, Wa Jai."

Lai Ming wrote, "Dear Uncle Yiu Wing: a life without regret you have already given many Hong Kong viewers and friends in audio visual memories a lifetime of your visual! Lai Ming."

Sing Sing said that Uncle Yiu Wing was a lovable elder. He thanked Uncle Yiu Wing for exploring the best performance platforms for singers to fulfill their dreams. Cheung Hok Yau wrote to thank Mr. Cheung for his support and contribution to the entertainment circle. He would forever remember him.

Cheung Yiu Wing's funeral services drew almost hundred reporters yesterday outside the Universal Funeral Parlor, where a coverage area was set up. The hall was covered with white cloth to prohibit coverage, but the event arranged for reporters to leave their cameras to pay their respects to Uncle Yiu Wing in the hall. Yesterday many floral arrangements were sent and had to be placed across the street from the funeral home like a sea of flowers. Cheung Yiu Wing not only loved horse racing but also liked to gamble. His family prepared offerings that included a casino table and luxury cars.

"Brilliance throughout the music scene, honored return to Heaven" was Uncle Yiu Wing's life. On the cover of his memorial program was the Hong Kong Coliseum under a starry sky. Inside recorded Uncle Yiu Wing's life highlight, as well as eulogies from Uncle Yiu Wing's family, friends in politics, business and show business like Li Ka Shing, the Director of Broadcasting Roy Tang Yun Kwong, Yun Nei, Tsui Siu Fung, Eason Chan Yik Shun, Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Kelly Chen Wai Lam, Lau Tak Wa, Vivian Chow Wai Man, Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Dior Cheng Yi Kin and other singers of different eras through words remembered Uncle Yiu Wing.

Mrs. Cheung in her eulogy remembered her times with her husband. She still was heartbroken and could not accept her husband's passing. She mentioned that 9 years ago at their golden wedding anniversary, Uncle Yiu Wing promised to maintain his health well. 10 years later he again celebrated diamond anniversary. "A little, missed by just a little. This wish, in our next lives, has to be day we will be together."

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